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10 things you probably don’t know about Las Vegas

Most people over the age of 18 have heard of Las Vegas, the city so well known for its casinos and parties. Many people already know that the city is full of neon lights, bustling nightlife, shows, women and so on, so rather than repeat what everyone already knows, we’ll list below 10 curiosities about this city that used to be known as the ‘city of sin’ and has now elevated its title to the ‘entertainment capital of the world’.
1 – The name Las Vegas means “The Hills” in Portuguese.

But in the US it’s much more common for people to refer to the city simply as Vegas.
2. Las Vegas is the most illuminated city on the planet.

According to NASA, seen from space Las Vegas is the city of light. This information surprises many people who, for example, consider Times Square in New York to be brighter than the Strip. It’s also worth remembering that the world’s largest floodlight is in Vegas, at the top of the Luxor pyramid, and can be seen from space.
3. Of the 20 largest hotels in the world, 17 are in Las Vegas.

It’s no exaggeration. Of the largest hotels in the world, most are located in Las Vegas. Yes, the hotels in Las Vegas are monstrous and ostentatious. Another curiosity is that inside these hotels are the casinos, which have no windows, clocks or any other indication of the time. This is a strategy to make players lose track of time and keep spending money.
4. Even with so many advertisements for call girls, prostitution is illegal in the city.

I’m not trying to cover the sun with a sieve and say that paid sex is totally non-existent in the city, but the fact is that prostitution really is a crime and, when discovered, it takes many tourists to places that weren’t on the agenda.

5. The average amount spent by visitors on casino gambling is around 560 dollars.

Brazilians hardly spend anything in the casinos, as most save their money to spend in the outlets (that’s why we’re so loved by the shopkeepers here); But this is an average figure… there are those who spend just one dollar on a slot machine, but there are those who spend millions – yes, I said millions! – in a single move.
6. The biggest prize paid out in slot machines was around 40 million dollars.

All you have to do is bet a few cents and your luck could change completely. But the truth is that the bigger the bet, the greater the chance of winning. And that’s what happened to a 25-year-old in 2013. He had already bet almost 100 dollars on a slot machine when luck presented him with no less than 40 million dollars at the Excalibur hotel. Now that was a lucky man!

7. According to state law, if someone shoots your dog on your property, you legally have the right to hang the shooter.

This law is beyond bizarre! I confess that I had to look for references to the fact that this absurd law actually exists in the 21st century. But the moral of the story: never, ever lose your temper and shoot a dog. On the other hand, never try to hang someone with a gun in their hands! 😉

8. The best-known part of Las Vegas is not actually in Las Vegas.

The famous Las Vegas Boulevard is actually a very long avenue. But the part of the avenue that gives it its fame, popularly known as the Strip, has only one part that really belongs to Las Vegas. Anyone who comes to the Strip and uses a smartphone with a locator realizes that instead of Vegas, they are in Paradise, Nevada. But don’t think that Paradise is just another nickname to change the image of the ‘city of sin’. Paradise is a real town, belonging to Clark County and home to most of Las Vegas’ new attractions. The main casinos are actually divided between Paradise and Winchester, but there are also some in Henderson and North Las Vegas.
9. Outside of Hawaii, Las Vegas has the highest number of Hawaiians.

Geographical location may be an advantage, but that’s not the only reason. According to Juliana Selem, who writes for Abroadee, on a trip to Hawaii she learned that Hawaiians loved to spend their vacations in Las Vegas, as they were attracted to a lifestyle almost opposite to their own. Well, it seems that many Hawaiians came on vacation and simply gave up on leaving! 🙂
10. For the growth and modernization of the Strip, there have been 14 implosions since 1993.
Text: Lísa Marteleto
Credit: Juliana Selem/Abroadee

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