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Located south of Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip), theMcCarran International Airport (LAS) is the main airport in Las Vegas and one of the busiest in the United States (in 2011 more than 41.5 million passengers passed through). It was the first airport in the USA to use the radio frequency system for baggage control, thus reducing the risk of loss or misplacement.

There are currently two terminals in operation: Terminal 1 is for domestic flights and Terminal 3 for domestic and international flights.

Many passengers disembarking at gate D are left in doubt as to the correct way to get to the baggage claim. As you can see in the image above, those at gate D need to take a free little train to the main area of Terminal 1 (route represented by the color orange), where luggage will be available. There is also a little train available at gate C, connecting it to the baggage claim.

Especially at weekends, the queues for the security checkpoint are often long, so it’s best to get to the airport early to avoid problems.


Source: airportdesk.pt

There are many options for parking at McCarran Airport: short-term, long-term, and personalized (valet parking). There is a color for each option.

·Yellow: On the runway, follow the yellow signs to drop off and pick up passengers;

Red: Red lights are for custom parking lots and short-term paid parking (maximum 3 hours);

Green: Green signs are for long-term parking (several hours or days);

Pink: Pink signs are for economical long-term parking.


The main car rental companies are gathered in the McCarran Car Rental Center, a building next to the airport. From the airport, one option to reach these companies is via the Shuttles, free shuttle buses departing every 10 minutes from exits 10 and 11 in the baggage claim area; These companies can also be contacted via the free phone numbers available in the same area.

Rental rates vary according to the model you choose, but one tip is to rent the car outside the airport area, as it’s cheaper. You can also make a reservation in advance with theEasy Terra, which compares the tariffs of several companies simultaneously.


Source: off2vegas.com/transit.html

Between exits 01 and 05 of the baggage claim area there is a long queue of cabs. As The fees charged are fixed, but in the USA it is common to tip people. So add 15 to 20% to the amount charged.

OBS: Beware of drivers who deceive passengers by taking a longer route than necessary to reach the desired location. It is recommended that you write down the ideal route to take, avoiding unnecessary laps.


Limosines also offer a shuttle service between the airport and the hotels, so you can wander around the Strip along the way.


Source: viagem.hsw.uol.com.br/guia-las-vegas1.htm

From the airport you can take a van or minibus from the north and west sides of the baggage claim area (Exits 8 to 14).

ABell Trans is the most popular of the five companies serving the metropolitan area.

The vans/minibuses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are considered the best option because they are available near the baggage claim area and the drivers are helpful, helping with bags and information for tourists. The vans usually offer magazines with coupons and up-to-date information on the city’s attractions.

Another option is to use the Citizens Area Transit (CAT) located on the first floor of the airport. The most common routes for visitors are 301 and 302. Route 301 for each signal in the Strip, while route 302 is an express bus with few stops. There are 49 routes available to take you around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. If you’re going to use the bus more often in the same day, it’s worth buying a day pass, which is valid for 24 hours (US$7.00).


Source: aeroportosdomundo.com


In addition to the many hotel-casinos in the city, some hotels are close to the airport, such as the Best Western McCarran Inn. For more options, visit the website

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