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Las Vegas isn’t just about the Strip, Paradise Avenue is also a place of entertainment and lodging. One of the success stories of this place is the Palms Resort hotel, which since its inauguration on November 15, 2001, has shown that it is here to stay and delight tourists. Proof of this was precisely on its opening date, with celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Samuel L. Jackson as guests. It’s off to a good start, hasn’t it?

And it wasn’t a bad omen, since then the hotel has frequently welcomed other American artists to its premises, such as JAY Z, Beyoncé Knowles and Madonna.

Owned by George Maloof and only 5% of The Greenspun Corporation group, the four-and-a-half star resort was designed by Jon Jerde, with a modern style inspired by retro fashion. The place is frequently renovated with investment in new features in all the rooms, making it sought-after and coveted by people from all over the world. The quirks and features of this hotel will undoubtedly surprise you.


Showing even more success, the complex has already appeared on the big screen and in the movies, and you may not even have noticed. Of course, after reading this text you may remember those moments of the hotel’s fame with precision.

Among them, Britney Spears was responsible for one of these episodes in her video clip for the hit “Everytime”, actually set in Los Angeles, but with scenes shot at the Palms as well. A scene from rapper Eminem’s music video “We Made You” in 2009 joins the list, while pop singer Katy Perry also used the intermediaries to record her single “Waking Up in Vegas” in the same year.


Showing sophistication from the simplest suite to the most luxurious, the guarantee is comfort and refinement during your stay in any of the 702 options on offer. In addition to the modern decorative details, such as pictures of sexy women, the components that make up the rooms are designed to optimize your time during your stay. With American kitchens, the latest models of fridges, microwaves, Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, your time will be extremely productive and as fast as you want it to be.

In terms of comfort, the hotel guarantees not to disappoint, with a pillow-top bed, premium sheets and the added conveniences of a sofa bed and minibar.

Moving on to the top floors, not only the height but also the values are significant. One of the sessions offered by the hotel is part of the Sky Villas and Fantasy Suites, which are considered to be some of the most expensive hotel suites in the world. Located on the top floor, a night on this floor can cost a whopping US$35,487, ranking fifth among the 15 most expensive hotels in the world according to CNN Go.


With 8,800 m² of casino space, the entertainment includes poker, slots and table games. The high-limit gaming area, called the Mint Lounge, contains blackjack tables and an exclusive bar on the second floor for the enjoyment of its players.

– Musical: Surprising even more, the hotel has a 1,000 square meter recording studio equipped with the most modern equipment on the market.

– Those who have already approved the facilities and recorded hit songs have been big names on the music scene, such as: Lady Gaga , Carlos Santana , Panic at the Disco , The Killers , Eminem , 50 Cent , Maroon 5, Mariah Carey and Wayne Newton , among others, from a list of more than 200 clients.


– The outside surprises those looking for outdoor entertainment. With 27 cabins, VIP bar service and a capacity for 3,000 people, cooling off has become even easier and more enjoyable in an aquatic center.

– The glass architecture with a steel finish and a 12-meter waterfall in the garden provide clean interaction with the greenery in the middle of two tropical paradise pools.


Valuing and understanding the need for a Zen environment for its guests, the Spa is a true parallel environment to all the hustle and bustle of Vegas. With more than 20 treatment rooms and an extensive list of services, every body and need receives special attention.

Always attuned to trends and relaxation techniques, the hotel has brought the city’s first Hammam to its premises. This service is a traditional body treatment using steam that has been very common and incorporated into Turkish culture for centuries.

Other options for recharging your energy include massages to help the body’s blood circulation, skin cleansing and artificial tanning. To align your chakras in practice, yoga and pilates sessions can be included in the package.

In the fitness wing, weights and state-of-the-art aerobic equipment make up the gym. And if, after all that, you still want to keep up with your aesthetics, a beauty salon with professionals who are up-to-date with the season’s trends is available for haircuts and chemical treatments in general, as well as full make-up and care for damaged nails.


In the dark of the cinema…
In addition to the chance of bumping into a famous American in the corridors, you can feel closer to your favorite actor! This is because the hotel offers a state-of-the-art 3D cinema, the Brenden Theatres. The idea is for the viewer to interact even more with the films being released on the big screen, feeling part of the cast. With luxury seating and digital sound, the 14 screens available to the public guarantee better entertainment for your popcorn session.

Up close…
On the live side, at the Pearl Concert Theater you can see a variety of shows, from comedy to musicals and fights. In a more intimate setting, the other space, called The Lounge, guarantees the same quality as the first option, with the difference of bringing artists and audiences closer together.

The stages of both venues are filled with celebrities of different styles, such as Culture Club, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns and John Prine.


Chic atmosphere, open every night. Suits and ties are a must in this environment.

Sexy synergy space with red decor. Ideal for dates.

A relaxed proposal focused on televised sports. Open 24 hours;

With a panoramic view of the casino, the space offers a wide selection of limited edition whiskies.

Sexy nightclub with a view of the Vegas skyline. With capacity for 476 people.

Using special effects, this space brings artificial rain in a live music atmosphere.

With a panoramic view of Las Vegas, a crystal chandelier offers refinement and quality drinks.


A typical American restaurant, it offers cuts of meat, seafood, desserts, wines and cocktails to accompany the dishes. The kitchen is run by chef Barry S. Dakake, who in 2013 won the title of “Top 100 Restaurant in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler, as well as the “Top 100 Dining Hot Spot of 2013” award by OpenTable.com and “Best Steakhouse” by Vegas Magazine.

With chef Kieran Toivonen at the helm, classic Tuscan dishes are served in an elegantly decorated setting. The menu includes filet mignon, fresh fish and homemade pasta.

Conceived and run by renowned chef Andre Rochat and partner Mark Purdy, the place offers the purest French food. With a Michelin star authenticating its quality, the menu is varied and has a generous wine list of award-winning wines.


For those who enjoy Chinese cuisine, this restaurant is run by chef Tony Hu. More than 200 dishes, including red and white meats and seafood, bring tradition and flavor to all the options on the menu.

Popular chef Kerry Simon brings sophistication to fresh, quality organic ingredients. Everything from pumpkin soup and beet salads to roast meats and healthy desserts are part of this mix of flavors.

Serving lunch, dinner and snacks, the eatery offers different hamburgers accompanied by shakes and desserts.

This is a great option for a quick hot drink or if you want to stay longer, lunches and dinners are also served.

A space that offers options with cuisines from different parts of the world around a comfortable and colorful environment. More than 250 items on display will guarantee your total satiety.

This is the hotel’s famous food court. If you need quality and speed, this is where you’ll find the biggest and most famous restaurant franchises in the United States. Check out the options: Earl of Sandwich, McDonald, Panda Express, Nathan’s, Famiglia, Blizz, Chronic Tacos e The Coffee Bean.
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Text: Alice Camargo



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