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The Linq

The name The Linq may not sound familiar to many, especially old-school Vegas regulars. But if we talk about The Quad, Imperial Palace or even further afield, Flamingo Capri, it might refresh your memory to recall one of the oldest establishments in the city, opened in 1959.

In 2014, precisely on October 30, the change from Quad to Linq didn’t stop at the name. The facilities have been renovated and modernized, bringing an updated layout geared not only to the new aesthetics, but to the needs that the public has been looking for. The result? A great option for those looking for a privileged location in the center of the Strip, with fast services to give you even more time to enjoy the city that never sleeps.



One of the chapters of this name change has a legend, and of course we love to know these little-told stories, don’t we? So let’s get to the facts…

One of the meanings of Quad is four. Ok! So far, so good, but four means bad luck for Asian players. From this belief you can understand one of the main problems that the hotel has experienced in recent years, right?

Gamblers from these countries simply associated the name with the chances of attracting something “negative” to the gaming table, and for those who don’t know, this audience is extremely important for Las Vegas casinos because they are regulars for gambling and, of course, very superstitious.


And speaking of games…

This space shows the hotel’s continued concern with meeting guests’ needs. The space is free of labyrinths between machines (yes, some casinos are so big that the chance of getting lost inside is very high) and with staff ready to answer customers’ main questions, these are the things that stand out the most. After all, for first-time sailors, efficient service makes the game even better, don’t you agree?

There are 11,000 square meters, more than 800 slot machines and 55 table games available for tourists to enjoy. Maybe luck will be on your side on your trip?


The main difference between the suites are the options with a view of the High Roller, one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels, located next to the hotel. The 19 floors with 2,640 rooms are decorated with bright colors and contemporary furniture;

Regardless of the choice, guests can count on features to make their stay easier, such as iPod/Ipad and USB ports and state-of-the-art LED TVs.

Not forgetting comfort, queen size beds with pillow-top, microfiber bathrobes, toiletries and slippers are available for your enjoyment.

Differential: You can choose not only the standard options, but also rooms for smokers or non-smokers, and suites that allow pets, thus providing amenities for pets, with food and water bowls and an exclusive menu for them.


Freshen up

Make time in your schedule for a dip in the pool in a tropical setting. Among the treats, you can feel like you’re on the Polynesian islands with themed cocktails offered at the bar. If you’re looking for more privacy, air-conditioned cabins with a fruit platter, drinks bucket, private bathroom and even foosball tables can make this one of the most VIP moments of your stay. Other than that, on the pool deck you’ll find a jacuzzi, poolside bar and complimentary towels.

Located on the fourth floor, the gym offers state-of-the-art equipment with a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing or elliptical machines and a selection of weights.
To help with your workout, towels and water bottles are available to guests. Open from 06:00 to 18:00 daily.

Reminder: The fee for using this place is 10 dollars a day.



For lovers of old cars, this is a unique opportunity. This showroom displays a collection of 250 cars famous for their antiquity and rarity. The great thing about this attraction is that visitors still have the chance to buy one of the pieces, as most of them are for sale. The vehicles on display are from different years, most of which belonged to a Hollywood artist, such as Johnny Carson’s “39 Chrysler” or the “29 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom” used in the film “The Great Gatsby”. The cars are displayed daily on the fifth floor of the hotel garage.


At a height of 550 meters above the ground, this beautiful Ferris wheel should not be missed on your itinerary. This is an attraction designed to entertain the whole family, where the main objective is to give you a unique view of Vegas.
With a capacity of up to 40 people per cabin, the compartment has seats for everyone and plenty of space. And if you’re thinking of just admiring the scenery, don’t! Why not turn your “spin” into an event? Many people use brokers for exclusive parties with music and drinks, or even to make a wedding official. Incredible, isn’t it?

In 75 lively minutes on stage, check out the performances of transformative covers of pop muses such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Contagious and exciting, this glitzy show, already a Vegas tradition, promises to showcase your favorite divas like you’ve never seen them before.

Comedian Jeff Civillico brings the world of juggling and acrobatics to life with action every minute. Among the “toys” on stage, a 9-kilogram bowling ball, a knife and an apple defy the law of gravity by balancing together in unlikely situations.

And don’t think that this is just a show to watch, at any moment you can be called on stage to take part in one of this great artist’s tricks.

Known from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, this group shows their idea of a “sustainable show” on stage. All the percussion instruments are recyclable, nice, isn’t it? Enjoy this evening of humor, creativity and extraordinary athleticism.


With live music and a gourmet dinner, the space has a New York conception and is considered “one of the most incredible places on the planet” by Rolling Stone magazine. Need I say more?

This modernist setting invites you to taste its specialty, daiquiri. More than 20 flavors of the drink allow you to use your imagination and make your perfect drink combination, even adding sweet toppings to the finish.

With all the sophistication of a piano bar, the 2,400 square meter room offers freshly made cocktails, craft beers, wines and an extensive list of martinis. With large, intimate cabins decorated with modern art, your evening will be even more beautiful and inviting.

The bar’s old space maintains its roots, bringing a new aesthetic to the atmosphere of this traditional Irish pub. Dynamic, the place has more than 50 types of beer on its menu in a lively outdoor bar that offers joy, partying and, of course, a lot of luck for the Leprechaun in his next games!

Here is an interactive games room with matches broadcast every day using state-of-the-art technology. As well as being entertained by your favorite game, you can choose your favorite option from a drinks list with over 300 beers. With American beers from 17 different states and more than 25 imported beers from all over the world, this sports bar has become a benchmark for catering to all the desires of its punters.

A stripped-back, young space, ideal for a quick, personalized drink. Cocktails with fruit mixtures such as blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, mango or raspberry can be integrated, as well as various combinations made to complete your craving for novelty.

Open every day for brunch, lunch and dinner, the place is a great choice for those who like burgers, chicken wings, tacos and snacks in general. The restaurant offers a drinks menu with 16 craft beers, as well as a selection of wines. At 6,500 square meters, it has a large outdoor dining area with panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip.

You’ll find all the charm and flavor of a kitchen with real food here. Including Indiana’s most used ingredients, be sure to try one of the city’s best breakfasts, including large pancakes, as well as lunch specials and a casual dinner menu.

Offering Mexican food, pop music and a party atmosphere, this place promises to liven up your evening. With a mechanical bull, the only risk is that you won’t want to stay at the table. With a capacity for more than 300 customers, you can choose between the bar space, private dining room, large patios inside or outside the venue and the coolest, breathtaking view of the High Roller.

Offering top-of-the-line Asian cuisine, enjoy this true gastronomic pleasure. With its Chinatown atmosphere, this destination promises an unforgettable dinner. Among the novelties, a food truck inside the restaurant offers oriental-style burgers and tasty street food from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China and Vietnam.

In the midst of the sustainable era, this place has picked up on this trend by offering its customers different combinations of tasty organic juices. Cocktails with mimosas, sangria, margaritas, mojitos and much more made with truly fresh ingredients.
For non-alcoholic options, try a vitamin, or creamy fruit and vegetable smoothies, and if you like, mix Greek yogurt or vegan almond milk into your number.

With 3,800 square meters, this restaurant offers different pizzas with fresh mozzarella in the filling and fresh milk in the dough. Enjoy pasta dishes, sandwiches and Panini salads, with vintage sports decor for a very welcoming atmosphere. The pizzeria also has craft beers and wines matured in barrels.

24-hour café with an extensive menu of personalized drinks. Make your afternoon coffee even tastier with drinks made from freshly roasted beans, accompanied by exclusive sandwiches or pastries.

Enjoy confectioners from all over the world in this sweet store famous for its homemade hot chocolate. You can also enjoy a range of ice cream, milkshake and chocolate creations.

Savor delicious cookies made with butter, Belgian chocolate and vanilla. With an extensive variety of delicacies, this is a great option for sweet lovers.

With a festive and modern atmosphere, take a few minutes out of your day to watch your favorite game here. With a pool room, this is a refuge from the trendy Strip with a bar and grill with Irish flair.

Enjoy a top-notch hot dog. With toppings and quality ingredients, the American delicacy can be prepared in mouth-watering combinations, such as smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, goat’s cheese, garlic, as well as the traditional accompaniments of beer fries and onion rings.

Located with a privileged view to the right of the High Roller, this is also another outdoor option for the city. Here you can choose from 160 imported beers or, if you prefer, high-quality cocktails and sake. On the menu, more than 130 items are meant to satisfy your hunger, including hamburgers, fresh sandwiches and tacos.

The Linq
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas , NV 89109

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Photo: (internet publicity / Alice Camargo)
Text: Alice Camargo

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