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Bodies: a revealing exhibition about the human body !

Did you know that the human body has more than 160,000 kilometers of blood vessels? And that the brain needs twenty percent of your body’s total blood supply?
Well, if this little bit of information has piqued your interest, Bodies – The Exhibition will satisfy your desire for more curiosities about every layer that makes up a human being. You don’t need to have any knowledge of science or chemistry to visit this attraction. If you’re simply curious about the fascination of the human body, dive headfirst into this extremely exciting opportunity seen by more than 10 million people.

Located in the Luxor hotel since August 2008, with 36,800 square meters of presentation space, the aim is to show how the mechanism of our body works. Using 3-D technology, thirteen (real) body types and more than 260 organs are spread out in nine rooms, each covering a part of the body, including the muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

For those who don’t have a problem with strong images, a section showing fetal development is also available, starting from 26 days after conception up to 32 weeks of gestation. Among the fetuses, it is possible to see some that were born with anomalies, such as the rare case of Siamese twins. If this isn’t a very pleasant part for you, no problem, the area is reserved and can be skipped if you don’t want to go through it.

More than an attraction…

Bodies will undoubtedly make you change your outlook on life and values, as well as raising a number of previously unanswered questions, one of the focuses of which is to encourage people to opt for healthier choices. How? One of the examples is the shocking part, which shows the difference between a healthy lung and a smoker’s lung, which is completely black.
Of course, we know that cigarettes do a lot of harm, but did you know that a single packet can cut three hours and 40 minutes off your life? Yes, it’s true!
Believe me, many people have already quit smoking there! And if you feel the urge too, the section suggests that you drop your pack of cigarettes in a garbage can next to the site. Why not take advantage of the little push? But you should know that it’s not just smokers who get a wake-up call: overeating and lack of exercise are also discussed in the gallery.


Another interesting part is the current topics, such as breast and colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and osteoporosis, which are highlighted and analyzed in examples also using human parts. Remember that if you have any questions along the way, trained professionals are on site to provide any clarification you may need.

How is the body transformed for the presentation?

The body (or organ) is dissected, then the sample is treated with acetone to remove all the water present, and then placed in a vacuum chamber filled with liquid silicone. Inside, the acetone turns into gas and is replaced by silicone, which then hardens to its original appearance.
If you put it like that, you’d think the process would be quick, wouldn’t you? But that’s where we’re wrong, a whole body can take more than a year to get the perfect result. But once you reach this level, even the deepest cell groups can be seen, as well as the perfection of bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs, and the structure becomes impervious to decomposition.

Did you know?

To give you a taste of “I want more”, here are a few curiosities mentioned in the exhibition, to make you want to visit the space even more. Here are some of them:

-Your heart beats more than 100,000 times a day.

-In the average lifetime, a person will breathe in around 45 kilos of dust.

-The lung is the only organ in the body that can float in water.

-Smokers lose an average of two teeth every 10 years.

-Almost 1/4 of your bones are in your feet and ankles

-One in 20 people have an extra rib.

-The thumb is the same size as your nose. (Yes, you can try)

-One third of men don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. (Xiiiii)

-Perspiration is odorless; it’s the bacteria on the skin that create the smell.

-Girls’ brains account for 2.5% of their body weight, while boys’ brains account for 2%. (Here’s a tip)

-On average, women talk three times more than men. (Men: don’t say “I already knew”, okay?)


Jokes aside, did you enjoy reading all this? Then you should know that this is not even five percent of the information you’ll see in the halls of this intriguing attraction. So be sure to see for yourself everything you always wanted to know (or not) about your body. Then leave a comment about your perceptions of the environment here on the site or on our social media. Combined?


– The exhibition cannot be photographed, but you can buy a catalog with photographs of the exhibition and descriptions of each wing.

– If you want to take a piece of the exhibition with you, a souvenir store at the end of the route will help you with this.

– It is recommended that children up to the age of 12 be accompanied by a responsible adult.

– Children up to three years old are free.

– It is forbidden to consume food and drink of any kind in the medians.

– No large packages, bags or backpacks are allowed in.

The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 10pm.
Remember that the last entry is at 9pm.

3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV, 891191000

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Photo: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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