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Chippendales: a Las Vegas for women!

Much is said about the beautiful women to be found in Vegas, bars with half-naked girls waiting tables and revealing shows to make any man’s body shake. But if you think that visual entertainment is only for men, you should know that women can be just as happy in the city of sin. How? The answer comes in the form of daring performances with beautiful men, in nightclubs geared towards the “luluzinha club”. If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip, in true Las Vegas fashion, rest assured that you’ll have a great time with the men’s clubs that offer the best shows to make your nights in Sin City even more exciting.

Let’s move on to the city’s hottest venues, Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under. Very popular especially for brides’ bachelor parties, these places have special programs with a variety of themes to suit all tastes. You’ll find blondes, brunettes, blacks and Asians, all of them muscular with extremely sculpted bodies that have been worked hard. In addition to the varied physical types, the imagination will be stimulated with costumes of various professions, such as firefighters (most requested), policemen and cowboys.
Of course, all your senses will also be put to the best use, but especially your sense of touch, as there’s a very good chance that you’ll climb onto one of the stages or be surprised at the table by one of the boys, not to mention the chance of getting a piece of the boys during the expected striptease, when pieces of the collywobbles’ clothes are thrown to the delight of those present. So make sure you go with your blood pressure up to date or take your medicine kit, because the temperature will rise and your heart will beat like never before at these breathtaking attractions.


Let’s go girls!
Let’s take a look at the main features of each nightclub, shall we? This makes it easier for you to decide which option is best for you, sometimes you find that you want to go to both, that’s quite likely too! But each house has its own address and characteristics, so we’ll make sure you make the best choice. Closed?
Thunder From Down Under

Based at the Excalibur hotel, which has been in Las Vegas for 15 years, this is a show that takes place every night of the week, with the only restriction being that participants must be over 18 years old. Here you can count on defined bodies, seductive dances, a legitimate Australian accent and a lot of humor to infect the girls on duty. As a differential, each seductive performance embodies a different female fantasy, with various “professions” coveted in women’s imaginations, ranging from a milkman to a very atypical farmer. Fully interactive, the 75-minute experience, which has already been seen by more than 10 million women, features dancing on tables to assorted amusements on stage, along with a few women selected at random from the audience to join the group of boys. All this is accompanied by exciting music to add even more joy to your night out in Vegas.




This show is based at the Rio Hotel and has been running for over 10 years, also holding daily performances of 75 minutes, with a restriction on participants aged 18 and over. Known for their outfits with bow ties, perhaps this is one of the only pieces you’ll see on these boys’ clothing, the presentation aptly displays the bodies of true Greek gods. The fun becomes a night of games and interactivity, because “The Dating Game” is a game played during the performance, with three women chosen from the audience who take to the stage to compete for a chance to win an exclusive dance with three of the night’s performers. Even if you’re not one of the selected ones, don’t be disappointed! There’s no shortage of opportunities to touch the boys, and in several numbers they go out into the crowd to let the women take a peek at their oil-slick bodies. Not satisfied? So save your breath for an after-show party at the Flirt Salon, located next to the theater. The artists invite all the girls in the pateia to join them in a lively celebration.


Grand finale!

Well, as you can see, the big difference is in the type of theme. In the first option, with Thunder From Down Under, we have more of a fantasy side explored with themes of more rustic professions, such as the cowboy, the policeman and the fireman, while in Chippendales the idea is to undress the men with casual styles, like a shirt and jeans or a very provocative bow tie to round off the outfit. Each of the performances has its charms, but in terms of the quality on offer, both carry weight, as they have an extremely detailed production, from the very well executed choreography, electrifying live music and strong contact with the audience on the part of the cast. Then comes the question: how do you decide which show to attend? For this mission to be successful, we’ve put together links with photos of the men from each house and, most importantly, excerpts from each group’s presentation. This way, you’ll have enough tools to decide once and for all which destination is best for you. Preparada? So take a deep breath and enjoy every second of the image, and take the opportunity to taste, or rather appreciate, the most coveted male physiques in Vegas!





Text: Alice Camargo

Photo: Disclosure/Internet

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