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David Copperfield: see the world’s most acclaimed magician!

Forget your old vision of magicians dressed in suits, black top hats and white gloves holding a set of playing cards. Illusionist David Copperfield, who has enjoyed decades of success, shows his show at the MGM hotel with the simplest of outfits: jeans and a T-shirt. This “clean” image is not by chance, the American artist’s idea is precisely that, not to draw attention to his costume, but to his work on stage, which, by the way, is brilliant!

It’s not only in this respect that he has changed the “rules” followed for so many years by other professionals in the segment, another difference is the “non-appreciation” of sexy stage assistants. Probably when you think of a magic show, the image of beautiful girls dressed in short, extravagant outfits ready to help the magician perform his tricks comes to mind, right? The beauty hasn’t changed at all, what has been “altered” is the girls’ outfits, who, alongside David, wear light, dull and less ostentatious pieces, precisely to follow his line, stripped down, without attracting more attention than the number itself.


His many awards and honors didn’t come for nothing, but were the result of a lot of hard work, from the age of 12, when he was admitted to the Society of American Magicians, being considered the youngest ever to pass the institute.

The magician, currently considered to be the best in the world, has made his way through the ranks of illusionism by accumulating various other titles, such as being honored with the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, given to a magician. And it doesn’t stop there, David has also won 21 Emmy Awards and in the meantime has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the tenth highest paid celebrity in the world. Is that good enough for you?

In practice

If you like magic and want to see a performance that lives up to its hype, don’t hesitate – David will surprise you.
Having gained strong popularity mainly for his mix of well-executed illusions and natural storytelling skills, you can expect everything on stage! From the separation of his body into two parts, where he jokes about the situation next to his severed pair of legs, to a car appearing on top of his head out of nowhere! Yes, be prepared, it can happen!

At a certain point in the show, David also chooses a few spectators to take part in an act, and then it’s time for you to join in and let the master work his magic on you.



Never forgetting his road, after all, there are many fans who have followed the artist for years, he alludes to the challenges of his past career. Like when he made the Statue of Liberty in New York disappear during a live broadcast in the 80s. Or perhaps you can remember another iconic moment, when David levitated over the rapids of Niagara Falls or when he flew over the Grand Canyon.
In short, all of these great moments from his heyday in the profession are remembered in the 90 minutes of numbers presented, of course, keeping the proper proportions, he shows the techniques with other scenic elements, leading the audience to delirium!


Arriving at the Hollywood Theater, the interesting thing is that any paying audience member doesn’t get a seat without a good view of the stage, because the extremely wide stage benefits everyone, as each act changes position, not necessarily all in the center of the stage.

What sets the mood for each block is the highly precise lighting designed for the skits, each number requiring a different effect, color and intensity. In terms of spotlight synchronization, the show is impeccable. When it comes to stage props, expect countless veils, multi-purpose tabards and a lot of creativity from this genius of magic.


Text: Alice Camargo

Photo: Disclosure/Internet

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