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Jersey Boys: relive the 60s with unforgettable songs!

Mesmerizing, brilliant and exciting. In a nutshell, that’s how we can define this blockbuster hosted by the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Jersey Boys is a phenomenon of success for all generations, and this prestige began long before they arrived in Sin City. The musical, which began on Broadway in 2005, has since toured extensively, including Chicago, Toronto, Melbourne and other Australian cities, as well as Singapore, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Jersey Boys also won the 2006 Tony Awards for Best Musical and in 2009 won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical of the Year. From this information you can already see the power that the show possesses, and why it has won so many honors in the segment.

The plot tells the story, based on real events, of Frankie Valli and the band The Four Seasons. Four guys from New Jersey who became one of the biggest sensations on the 60s pop music scene. They produced more than 70 hits that topped the charts, amassing more than 175 million records sold worldwide, making them one of the most successful groups of all time.
But the interesting thing about the story is that the audience can follow four different points of view, as each member of the band gives their accounts of the ups and downs of their career on stage.
Frankie Valli, vocalist, Bob Gaudio, keyboardist and writer of several songs, Nick Massi, bassist, Tommy DeVito, guitarist and leader of the quartet, will take you into a melodic soap opera, where all the problems of a life of fame are laid bare to the audience. From glamor, fan harassment, lost fortunes, dramas, ended romances and inevitable tragedies, it’s all stitched together and presented with great charm by this first-rate cast.

Travel through a real time machine and lose yourself in the daydreams and excitement that only the celebrated seventeenth century can revive in you. Among the unforgettable classics, you can check out: “Sherry”, “Walk Like a Man”, “Oh, What a Night”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “Big Girls Do not Cry”. These are just some of the ballads that make up this 130-minute show of pure excitement and beauty on stage.
Get ready to laugh, sing, dance and cry all in one night. Even if you didn’t live through the golden era of the 17th century, the synopsis is more topical than ever, as its main focus is the dilemmas of everyday life, which are actually shared by all of us, and your values and behavior will easily be re-evaluated after leaving this incredible timeless show.

Would you like to feel a little of the emotion that this musical can offer you? Check out an excerpt from the presentation to decide your choice once and for all. See here!

-The show is not recommended for children under 12 because it contains strong language.
Because of the long duration, a 10-minute break is given in the middle of the attraction.
– Photography, filming or audio recording of the presentation is not permitted.


Text: Alice Camargo

Photo: Joan Marcus / Isaac Brekken – site oficial

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