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Tips to read BEFORE traveling to Las Vegas

When traveling internationally, it’s important to know the customs of the destination country, the travel tips and experiences of those who have already been there, so that small problems don’t get in the way of your trip and well-being.

We’ve put together a list of tips for tourists who are thinking of traveling to Las Vegas.

Read it carefully and enjoy your trip!


1 – When packing your suitcase, remember the existing restrictions for transporting food and drink. Check the airline websites for detailed and accurate information.

2 – Don’t forget to ask your bank or credit card company to unblock your card for use abroad. Even if it is international, this request will be necessary.

3 – Bring with you all proof of hotel reservations, rental companies, itineraries, etc. This will help you when you’re interviewed by Immigration at the airport.

4 – Make sure you have removed all your luggage and that it has not been damaged. In the event of loss or damage, report it immediately to the airline employee while still in the baggage claim area. A subsequent complaint in other sectors of the airport may not be accepted.

5 – There are coin-operated payphones at the airport. If you need to make a local call, remember to dial the area code before the number. In Nevada there are 702 and 775 phone numbers, 702 for the Las Vegas area and 775 for the rest of the state.

6 – Keep a purse with you to store your coins, as they are well used and very well accepted. Here the totals are usually broken and a coin purse will be very useful during your time in the United States.

7 – Get to know the coins in circulation and avoid waiting in line. Below is an image of the American currencies, in the following order:

1) Penny = one cent

2) Nickel = five cents

3) Dime = ten cents

4) Quarter = 25 cents

5) Half Dollar = fifty cents

6 and 7) One Dollar = one dollar


8 –Avoid bringing too many US$100 bills. Although they are less bulky in your wallet, you may find it difficult to use them in some stores, which won’t accept them due to lack of change or counterfeiting.

9 – the Traveller Check or traveler’s check is still well known and safe, as it is insured against theft, loss or misplacement and allows tourists to be reimbursed within 24 hours.

10 – When booking a car in Brazil, remember to make the reservation and payment by credit card in the same name. This person must have a driving license with an expiration date of more than 6 months.

11 – Ndon’t forget that each passenger has a quota of two suitcases (each with a maximum weight of 32 kilos) and is entitled to one carry-on bag, with a maximum weight of 10 kilos. Even if you only take one suitcase, you cannot exceed the stipulated 32 kilos. If you exceed this, the airline will charge you a fine.

12 – VIt’s also worth remembering to put your creams and perfumes in your checked bag. These products should not go in your hand luggage, otherwise they will be confiscated. These are the International Airport’s security regulations. Always check with your airline before boarding to avoid problems on your return.

13 – In the USA, tipping is not compulsory but it is very welcome. Remember to have bills under $10 to make it easier.

14 – It is part of the country’s culture not to include taxes in the final price of the products advertised, and it is necessary to add a tax rate of 8.1% (in force in Nevada).


15 – You don’t need any special documents to drive in Nevada. For one month you can use your Brazilian driver’s license.

16 – You need to pay attention to a few details: You can turn right even when the light is red, as long as you stop first and make sure there are no other cars coming towards you or pedestrians crossing. The exception is for corners that have signs expressly forbidding this conversion, usually with the words: No turn on red.

17 – If you come to Las Vegas during the school term, it’s a good idea to learn to respect the school buses, which are painted bright yellow. When a school bus stops to pick up or drop off students, all cars on the same road must stop, in both directions. Don’t move again until the bus stops at the STOP sign and starts moving again.

18 – The use of seat belts is compulsory both on the roads and in cities.

19 – You can fill up at petrol stations with your credit or debit card directly at the pump. If you have any difficulties, go to the store and make the payment, giving the number of the pump you will be filling up at.


20 – Before you go shopping, find out if the mall offers a discount coupon book. The savings will make the difference at the end of the shopping trip.

21 – Verifique sempre dentro das bolsas se o(a) vendedor(a) colocou os produtos corretamente. During the high season, goods may be exchanged due to traffic.

22 – Avoid leaving your shopping in the car. Many tourists accumulate their bags in the car as they shop. Although the city is safe, there have already been cases of GPS, purses and bags being stolen in parking lots.

23 – If you lose something, go to Guest Service of the mall, as they have a Lost and Found department (Lost and Found). Around here it’s common to find what you’ve lost or forgotten somewhere.


24 – Some restaurants offer free shuttle services to and from the hotel where you are staying. So you can drink to your heart’s content without worrying about driving.

25 – In restaurants it is customary to tip 15% (tip), but the amount isn’t itemized on the bill. If you pay by credit card, there is a space for you to fill in the amount you want to leave for the person who served you.


26 – If there is a need for rapid outpatient care, the pharmacy chains Walgreens and CVShave pharmacists who can prescribe basic medicines; Only go to hospital if the case is more serious. (Your pocket will thank you very much!)


27 – Children are not allowed in the casino gaming area! Children are allowed in this area as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 21), but they may not stop by any game or machine, even for a few minutes. Security guards are always on the lookout for this!

28 – Only those over 21 can gamble, drink or enter nightclubs. There are no exceptions!

29 – Although they wear short clothes, the women who work in the casino area are only there to serve drinks. You don’t want to end your trip in a police station.

30 – Prostitution is a crime in Las Vegas. Although there are many images of half-naked women, mainly on small leaflets distributed in the Strip, there is nothing offering prostitution (at least nothing explicitly). Beware of undercover policemen and their tricks to catch offending tourists.

31 – Las Vegas is located in a desert area with very low humidity; Knowing this, make sure you use moisturizers and drink plenty of fluids while you’re here.

32 – Most of the trees and vegetation in Las Vegas are not native to the region. Once here, they release their pollen for a longer period than normal in an attempt to multiply their species. For these and other reasons, the level of allergic reactions is very high. It’s normal for tourists to arrive in Las Vegas and experience headaches or symptoms of a cold (runny nose, constant sneezing, tiredness, etc.). Consult a doctor before traveling and have anti-allergy medication with you in case you need it.

Text: Luísa Marteleto
Source: Guia dos Brasileiros


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