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Hershey Chocolate World: fun and pleasure in one place!

The Hershey Chocolate World attraction, located in the New York-New York hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, offers customers more than 800 types of treats. Here it’s easy to get lost among so many sizes, flavors and colors. Your main task will be to select the items that please your palate the most from the two floors of the space. The temptations start right at the front of the place, which opened on June 3, 2014. When you see the “giant” chocolates with the most famous packaging, your eyes are already filled with anticipation for what’s to come.

And the experience couldn’t be better: if you’ve always wanted to enter a real chocolate factory, like in the movies, this is a desire that will be easily satisfied at this destination. Inside this 1,200 square meter mega-mall dedicated to cocoa sweets, you’ll have the opportunity to try out the brand’s various combinations and novelties that are distributed daily by the staff, and what’s more, it’s all free.

Of course, it’s practically impossible not to take something home with you. As well as chocolate bars, you can buy accessories, household items and different gifts. And there’s a lot on offer, from teddies that smell deliciously of chocolate to t-shirts, mugs, key rings, and for those who can’t wait to get to the checkout to grab one of the delicacies, there’s a special corner with a bakery that produces various types of baked goods, made to order, to the delight of its visitors.

Eat with your eyes
And you thought the fun stopped there? Negative! To add even more to the place’s charms, various resources are used to attract tourists, one of them? How about coming across replicas of the Statue of Liberty carved from Hershey’s milk chocolate or the Empire State Building made from 1,800 bars of Hershey’s milk chocolate? Incredible, isn’t it?
What’s more, on the first floor, a huge colorful wall with little Hershey’s Kisses is available for you to buy as many as you like. The idea here is to fill your bag with as many flavors as you want to taste.

Using technology to help you have fun, various experiments can be carried out interactively. One of them is the chance to create your own chocolate bars and customize candy wrappers the way you want. Another feature is the touch screens scattered around the store, which allow you to send your friends a virtual Hershey Kiss, where you can record a video starring in your own TV commercial as the brand’s poster boy, which in this case is you. Maybe this is your time to shine?
In addition, customers can also access a timeline, dating back to 1857, telling the inspiring story of Hershey. For those who like to include culture in their programming, this is a great choice, don’t you think?

Get to know

To help you decide whether or not to go through the motions for fear of gaining a few extra pounds, we’ve selected some guidelines from health experts on the benefits that chocolate can bring to your body. Do you think it’s just an act to tempt you? Then read our tips and check out the positives, okay?

– Eating dark chocolate improves blood flow and benefits cardiovascular health by reducing platelet clotting, thus preventing blood vessels from clogging.

– Researchers from Georgetown University in the United States reported in 2008 that chocolate can help fight intestinal cancer.

-Women who enjoy this delicacy at least five times a week are 40% less likely to develop hypertension than those who consume it less than once.

– Yes, chocolate gives you a feeling of well-being because it helps release the hormone serotonin.

– Tasting the product twice a week results in a 66% lower chance of dying from heart disease.

– As well as being a powerful moisturizer, the product fights free radicals and prevents cell oxidation.

– The delicacy is rich in caffeine, which causes the metabolism to speed up when consumed, helping to burn calories.

So, were you surprised by this information? So it’s time to put myths and fears to one side and schedule an hour out of your trip to see the attraction with your own mouth, or rather eyes!
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Text: Alice Camargo

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