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Zion: discover Utah’s first National Park!

If you always want to see new and historic places in the middle of nature, this is an ideal program for those who have come to Las Vegas but want to go beyond the lights and attractions of the Strip. Zion Park is two hours from the boulevard and can offer you a moment of pure peace and contact with the locals from the Utah region.


The main attraction of this destination are the huge sandstone cliffs, which vary in color from beige to pink and red. For the curious and experts in the world of geology, this is a real amusement park. And the diversity doesn’t just stop at the rocks, this piece of desert still reserves plants and animals typical of the region that are protected by laws against hunting in the area, among the most commonly seen species are: elk, hummingbirds, turtles, spiders, bats, squirrels, hawks and another 207 species of birds in the region. Do you still think there’s nothing in the desert?
Schedule yourself

Open daily, Zion is a great opportunity to take a pleasant hike among the rocks. In order to enjoy the trip completely, try to plan it during the autumn period in the region, because, unlike the summer, the temperatures are milder at this time of year, so your walk won’t be so heated. The average on the thermometer could be around 17 degrees, dropping lower in the evening.

Note: Don’t forget that the weather, regardless of the season, is dry! So protect your skin with powerful moisturizers and plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate along the way.
In summer

But if you want to visit the region during the high temperatures, that’s not a problem either, after all, there are those who are very resistant to the heat and like to get an extra tan on vacation, right? Ok! But for this to happen as planned, the recommendations are to abuse sunscreen (from factor 30) and take twice as much water for the journey, agreed? This is because the temperature can easily exceed 40 degrees, causing dehydration if you are not properly prepared.

Another refuge that explorers find while hiking through Zion Canyon is the stretch known as “The Narrows”. This part is a relatively narrow gorge, with walls a thousand meters high and twenty-five meters wide. It is one of the most visited areas in summer, as it has a river called Virgin in the middle.

This is one of the most eagerly awaited stops, precisely because it gives you the chance to cool off a bit, since if you want to get to know the narrow space in depth, you have to pass through the river. So know that you will get wet with this option! Not all the way, but partially up to your knees (depending on your height). Not bad for a hot day, don’t you think?



What’s interesting to note is that Zion is ready to welcome anyone who is willing to enjoy a good time with desert nature. For this reason, there is no shortage of varied activities. What defines which one is right for you is the intensity of each one, which can range from a simple walk or bike ride to abseiling challenges and very steep climbs. What will determine this is your resistance and your will!

Minors: there are special programs for children and teenagers that involve learning about Zion National Park in an open area. However, to be on the safe side, check that all the activities will be running on the day of your excursion.


NOTE: The visitor centers, museum, restrooms, shuttle bus, picnic areas and reception are accessible. Several areas are reserved for people with physical disabilities, including two of the site’s main trails, the Pa’rus Trail and Riverside Walk. Guide dogs are also allowed, provided they are on a leash at all points in the park. In addition, the orientation movie offers subtitles or audio description.


Keeping an eye on the green

With sustainable operations, conserving the natural wonders within its borders is a constant at Zion. One of the measures adopted is the program for tracking and analyzing its environmental impacts, which works around the clock to improve the way energy is used. All the park’s attitudes take into account the “health” of the place, from the choice of the types of products and materials purchased to the recycling of waste. The park is dedicated to being an environmental leader within the National Park Service.


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