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Fremont Street Experience

Located in the old center of Las Vegas, Fremont Street is the second best-known street in the city and was the address of the region’s most famous casinos. For a long time the Fremont Street represented the image of Las Vegas as advertised in movies and television shows.
In addition to the mega-casinos, which boast luxury or architectural exuberance, downtown Las Vegas is rich in history. That’s where it all began and, due to its relaxed and informal atmosphere, it continues to attract thousands of tourists every day.

Named after the explorer John Charles Fremont, the Fremont Street has existed since 1905, when Las Vegas was founded. It was the first paved street in Las Vegas, in 1925, and received the city’s first public lighting in 1931. The abundance of neon signs has earned Fremont Street the nickname Glitter Gulch.

A highlight is the cow boy Vegas Vic, who has become the city’s most famous neon sign.

In 1994 this area was revitalized in a project called Fremont Street Experience. This project mixed the region’s historical fame with high-tech marvels and live entertainment, creating an added attraction for tourists in the city.
In Fremont Street Experience there are no imposing architectures or even luxurious monuments. The place “where Las Vegas was born” is now the scene of meetings, live entertainment with a relaxed and popular touch, while retaining the luminosity that characterized it as Glitter Gulch.

The most visible part of the Fremont Street Experience is called Viva Vision – a huge screen with more than 12 million LED modules and a 555,000-watt sound system, which has become the largest screen in the world, equivalent to the length of five soccer fields.

The light show premiered in 1995 and almost a decade later, the Viva Vision received more than 17 million dollars in upgrades. Today the screen has a resolution 10 times higher than the original, resulting in clearer and sharper images. It can also display 16.7 million color combinations.

Viva Vision features “Bad to the Bone”, a wild motorcycle ride with the ‘bad boys‘ of rock, as well as songs by Bon Jovi and tributes to the bands Queen and Kiss.

One of the characteristics of the place is the presence of many street artists, who, together with the many souvenir shops and restaurants, offer a unique attraction, making all visitors feel at home.


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