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Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – The pawn shop of the program Trato Feito

Trato Feito - Las VegasKnown as one of the most unusual series on cable TV, Trato Feito shows the routine of a pawnshop located in Las Vegas, USA.

Las Vegas is the city of entertainment, considered by many to be “Disneyland for grown-ups”. Unprecedented attractions, gigantic casinos, spectacular architecture, dazzling shows and many other features contribute to the local surreality. But it was precisely in this city that has fantasy as its main attraction that one family managed to stand out and make a fortune with something very real.

The trades made daily in a simple pawnshop (Gold & Silver Pawn Shop) became famous after being shown by The History Channel in the program Trato Feito, success in Brazil and several other countries. The characteristics of this unusual business – especially for Brazilians – keep the public interested and have won over more and more viewers every day.
The most unusual objects have been traded at the store’s counters, such as musical instruments, autographed items, old toys, objects that sometimes you don’t even know the real function of, weapons, cars, motorcycles and even various inventions, created in an attempt to get a good amount in return.

The business is run by three generations of men from the same family – grandfather Richard, son Rick and grandson Corey. But it is the charisma of the Harrison family that guarantees the success of the program, which has become one of the highest-rated shows on cable television in the USA, with an average of 5 million viewers a week.

According to Rick Harrison, one of the protagonists of this reality show, approximately 3,000 people visit the site every day. Rick estimates that around 100 Brazilians visit the place every week, but unlike the other visitors, the Brazilians don’t usually want to sell anything, just get to know it, take photos and buy souvenirs.


Located in the old center of Las Vegas, the store is so popular that it’s not uncommon to see long lines outside. Before you go there, you should know that the Harrisson family is rarely in the store on normal days. Due to the high demand, they hired employees and, because of the public’s harassment, the stars of the show only appear at the pawn store on the days of the recordings.



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