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The highest park in the world!

Do you trust current technology? And in the ability of architects and engineers?

The combination of technology and professional skills has led to incredible projects, causing admiration and bewilderment in all normal beings. Such is the example of this fantastic building, the Stratosphere Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

See the photo below.

At first it looks like a normal tower, common in many cities around the world. Among so many hotels and casinos with the most exotic architectural forms in Las Vegas, this one doesn’t attract so much attention at first. But it only takes a little more observation to realize that this is definitely not a normal tower.

With a height of 350 meters, equivalent to 110 floors, the Stratosphere has the highest amusement park in the world. In addition to a beautiful view of Las Vegas, the height of the tower provides an extra adrenaline rush for those who enjoy adventure. There are four breathtaking ‘insane’ rides, making your trip to Las Vegas even more unforgettable.

tower tower

See a little more about the rides and find out if you too have the courage to have fun there!


1 – Big Shot

It is an elevator that rises to the limit, pauses for a few seconds and then plummets, making adventurers feel the effect of up to four times the gravitational force.


2 – X-Scream

It’s a kind of slide. It gives the impression of throwing people down, but at the last moment… the trolley stops!


3 – Insanity

This is the craziest of the rides in this amusement park. People sit in these ‘torture chairs’ and then the toy starts spinning at high speed. Then the set starts to open and… watch what happens!

insanity insanity

That’s 65 km/h at an opening angle of 70and 3Gs power. The speed is such that people disappear!

insanity insanity

4 – Sky Jump

The brave throw themselves from the top of the tower in a 108-storey free fall. Only just before reaching the ground does a cable slow down the fall, giving the adventurer a comfortable landing.

To experience this thrill, people are equipped with a special suit and a safety belt connected to a decelerator cable.

This toy has entered the Guiness Book as the biggest free-fall attraction.

And you, are you brave enough to venture out?

See also Fant├ístico’s report on the Stratosphere’s toys.

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