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The Neon Museum – The museum of illuminated signs in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum, or Neon Museum, is an open-air museum that brings together the illuminated signs that have helped build the history of Las Vegas. In all, there are more than 150 boards that offer perfect space for video images, photos and paintings.

Las Vegas is known for its many illuminated signs that add light and color to the city’s nightlife. Many of these neons, however, were disposed of in a kind of cemetery, located a few kilometers from the city center.

Taking advantage of the plaques and a space provided to store them, the Neon Museum was created in 2012, bringing together all the pieces and creating guided tours open to the public.

At the entrance to the museum is La Concha, with a structure very close to the works of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Meanwhile, La Concha was created by Paul Revere Williams. This shell-shaped roof was created to give shape to a motel in the early 1960s. This motel has already been demolished, but the structure of La Concha has been removed and today serves as the entrance to the museum.

The Neon Museum has the largest collection of illuminated signs in the world. In all, there are more than 150 plaques that are gathered together in an open-air space called the “boneyard”. Here, for example, you’ll find old memorabilia from the Moulin Rouge hotel and a 24-meter-high illuminated sign that once belonged to the Sahara, Frank Sinatra’s most frequented casino, which has been closed since 2011.

Another highlight is the sign for the Stardust, the casino hotel that was run by mobsters and was recently demolished to make way for a larger, more luxurious resort.

Around 15 signs have already been refurbished and are shining again on Las Vegas Boulevard. One of them is a huge silver high-heeled shoe made up of 980 lights, which has made up the Las Vegas light scene for almost half a century.

The Neon Museum lives on donations and is a non-profit organization. It was created exclusively to bring together the neon pieces that were important in the history of Las Vegas and also serve as an educational and cultural support.

The Neon Museum is a great place for photographs and images in general, creating an incredible visual effect for wedding photos, magazine editorials, books or even travel souvenirs.

But beware! To visit this museum you need to book an appointment, preferably in advance. No showing up unannounced!

Neon Museum and Boneyard

770 Las Vegas Boulevard North,

Las Vegas, NV, 89101

Tel: (702) 387-6366


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