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The World of Coca-Cola

“The World of Coca-Cola” It’s a mixture of a store and a museum in the same place. Through the various objects, accessories, clothes and souvenirs, visitors can see the evolution of the brand over the years and see that this soft drink really has conquered the world!

On the brightest street in Las Vegas, next to the city’s main casinos, the huge Coca-Cola bottle announces that the city has attractions that go far beyond casinos and shows.

There are two floors of stores and to move between them you just have to take the escalator or the elevator in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle, where you can get a quick panoramic view of the avenue.

On the second floor there is a bar where you can try different flavors of the soft drink (for $8 you get 8 glasses, each filled with Coca-Cola of a different flavor and color). In addition, you can have ice cream in the flavors of 4 of the brand’s soft drinks (from U$2 to U$3), eat sweets and other things.

In the store, as well as super different cans and bottles, you’ll find various can openers, thermal bags, ice buckets, straw holders, glasses, mugs, jugs and many more objects. For the home there are plates, glasses, aprons, mugs, trays, salt shakers, lampshades, wall clocks and so on.

For customers who want something more personal, there are socks, T-shirts, caps, scarves, towels, bags and satchels.

If you’re a Coca-Cola fan or love souvenirs, this store is perfect for you!

Note: There is no need to pay or buy anything to visit the store.


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