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Best hotels to stay with children in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is presented in movies and the media as a city exclusively for adults, but the truth is that the city has more attractions and entertainment suitable for children than most well-known tourist destinations. When traveling with children, one of the essential points is choosing the hotel they will stay in.

There are many hotels in Las Vegas, and of course some are better than others. It is not the purpose of this article to focus on luxurious hotels, which certainly have good services and accommodation. Although there are many casino hotels that have attractions for children, some have drunk people or inappropriate environments, smelling of cigarettes and with some sexual allusions. The main purpose of this article is to introduce parents to some casino hotels that have the best options for children, such as the environment, facilities and amenities required.

To help you choose your accommodation in Las Vegas, we’ve put together a list of hotels with excellent swimming pools, large rooms, clean and odor-free surroundings, suitable attractions and, in some cases, even camps and organized activities for children. See:

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1 – Mandalay Bay Resort & Cassino

Although it is located on the Strip, the name by which Las Vegas’ main avenue is known, the hotel has a quieter atmosphere, without the intense movement of pedestrians circulating on the sidewalks or the undesirable flyers with images of half-naked people.

Mandalay Bay has a large pool complex, including a wave pool and a lazy river. Children will love the Shark Reef Aquarium, which has sharks, crocodiles, sea turtles, giant rays, sawfish, moon jellyfish, piranhas and various other fish and aquatic animals. In the hotel’s 20 restaurants there are menus with various options for children. (Read more about Mandalay Bay)

2 – Monte Carlo

Superbly located, this resort is in the center of the Strip. It is close to the main casinos and stores to visit in Las Vegas. As it is not known for any free attractions inside, many tourists are content just to take pictures of its façade, providing a less tumultuous atmosphere inside the resort. But the reason this hotel is suitable for children is that you can leave the room and go out into the streets without having to go through the casino gaming area. In fact, most hotels force tourists to go through the games on their way to the room.

The Monte Carlo has swimming pools, restaurants and the Blue Man Group show, where the three blue men make children laugh with their songs, movements and antics. The show is recommended for children aged 03 and over.

3 -Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas

Located off the Strip but not too far away, this building is a luxurious and peaceful option that is ideal for families. Smoking and gambling are prohibited inside this hotel.

Parents of babies can order cribs, bottle warmers and sterilizers, blankets, bibs, diapers and baby toiletries from the housekeeping service, and the Trump Kids program provides fuzzy slippers, toys, books, board games (Candyland, checkers, chess, face-to-face, puzzles, etc.) and a map of Las Vegas with attractions for the kids. All the rooms have sofas that turn into double beds and a mini-kitchen. (Oyster.com)

4 – Bellagio

Considered one of the best casino hotels in the city, the Bellagio is second to none when it comes to staying with children. In addition to the hotel’s attractions, such as the Water Dance and the Bellagio Garden, the hotel also offers the beautiful Cirque du Soleil show “O” (allowed for children over 5), many restaurants with children’s menus, swimming pools, spas and Jean Philippe’s popular chocolaterie.

There are rooms with kitchens and, among the services and amenities, you can request cribs, special meals, bottle warmers and more.

5 – Tahiti Village

Located on the south side of Las Vegas Boulevard, near the south outlet and the airport, Tahiti Village is unknown to most tourists and locals. But for those with small children or who want to get away from the casino atmosphere, this is the best place to stay.

The leisure area includes a swimming pool, volleyball court, spas, jacuzzi and a sandy beach where children can enjoy building castles, dolls or digging large holes, just as if they were on a real beach, with the advantage of always finding clean sand with shallow water at a pleasant temperature.

The hotel offers activities all year round, with luaus being the most popular attraction in summer. The hotel also has a restaurant (Tahiti Joe’s) and indicates babysitters so that parents can enjoy the city’s attractions while their children are distracted under the care of someone qualified.

6 – ELARA – Hilton Grand Vacations Club

ELARA (Hilton Grand Vacations Club) is aimed at families and lacks the adult entertainment and casinos found in other hotels on the Strip.

The one-meter deep pool with fountains is very popular with children, and there is also an activity room with table tennis, billiards, chess, foosball, and various board games. It is perfect for accommodating a family of four or five. All rooms are spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens and double sofa beds. (Oyster.com)

7 – The Mirage

With a good location on the Strip, the Mirage has plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained, including nightly eruptions of its iconic artificial volcano and the lions and dolphins in Sigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.

Entertainment options, such as the The Beatles LOVE, do Circus of Soleil, and the performances of puppeteer Terry Fator, are relatively sensible compared to the other Las Vegas offerings.

For meals there is a children’s menu at the California Pizza Kitchen and a special rate on Carnegie Delicatessen and Paradise Cafe. (Read more about The Mirage) (Oyster.com)

8 – MGM Grand

With one of the best locations among the casinos, the MGM Grand is a good option for parents with children who would like to experience the excitement of Las Vegas at the same time.

The MGM Grand’s 6.6-acre five-pool complex features a long, winding river pool with waterfalls and fun cave-like grottos. There is also an area with lions descended from the feline that appears in the MGM movie openings (attraction temporarily suspended).

At the Rainforest Cafe children will have fun with the decorations, sounds, animals and even the special effects of a big tropical storm. For adults, there’s the CSI Experience and CBS Television, two of the casino’s main attractions. (Read more about MGM Grand)

9 – Cancun Resort

Located on the south side of Las Vegas Boulevard, 3 km from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, where the city’s main casinos begin, the Cancun Resort is a suitable environment for families and children.

With two large swimming pools, a games room, organized activities for children, apartment-style villas, and few signs of Las Vegas-style adult-only activities, this place is perfect for taking children. The large pool is a paradise for children, with a large Mayan pyramid in the center, slides, and a waterfall. (Oyster.com)

10 – Golden Nugget Hotel & Cassino

Located in the old center of Las Vegas, this hotel pleases children with its indoor pool. The Tank, as this pool is called, has a three-story slide that passes inside an aquarium of fish and sharks. It’s a guaranteed attraction for children during the warmer months (May to September).

Outside the casino is the famous Fremont Street, where there is a super LED screen showing images and music every hour. Children can also enjoy the light and music show and the pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers available at the Grille inside the casino.

11 – Flamingo

Located in the heart of the Strip, the Flamingo is a child-friendly hotel with a swimming pool and animals. Although it is not among the most luxurious, this hotel has been chosen by many parents with children, as it has advantages in terms of value for money.

This hotel has a Wildlife Habitat, a reproduction habitat of flamingos, penguins, ducks, fish, and turtles, as well as several pools connected by slides; There are more than 300 birds, as well as imported trees and plants to make up the real setting.

Note: At night, there are many people on the Strip who stand on the sidewalks handing out flyers of half-naked women, creating an embarrassing situation for parents. Avoid walking the streets with children after 5:30 pm.

Text: Luísa Marteleto

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