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TV shows recorded in Las Vegas

How about visiting some famous programs in Brazil and around the world that are recorded and produced in Las Vegas? Here are the names, addresses and information about each one:

Trato Feito (Pawn Star)

Known as one of the most unusual series on cable TV, on the History Channel, the program Trato Feito shows the routine of a pawnshop located in Las Vegas, USA.

The most unusual objects have been traded at the store’s counters, such as musical instruments, autographed items, old toys, objects that sometimes don’t even know their real function, weapons, cars, motorcycles and even various inventions created in an attempt to get a good price in return.

Located in the old center of Las Vegas, the store is so popular that it’s not uncommon to see long lines outside. Before you go there, you should know that the Harrison family is rarely in the store on normal days. Due to the high demand, they have hired staff and the show’s stars only appear at the pawnshop on the days of the recordings.

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Gold & Silver Pawn Shop
713 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las vegas, NV 89101

Car nuts (Counting Cars)

Fixing cars has always been the passion of Danny “The Count” Koker, better known as “The Count”. At just 8 years old, Danny got his first motorcycle and from then on he became even more passionate about motor vehicles. Danny currently has a collection of around 60 cars and 10 motorcycles and works customizing vehicles for enthusiasts like himself.

In the program Crazy for Cars, by History Channel, the audience follows the work of Danny and his team at the store located in Las Vegas; After refurbishment and restoration, classic cars like the Thunderbird or the Camaro take on new styles, almost always with different details from when they were manufactured. As well as cars, Danny also refurbishes many simple vehicles, brought in by people with interesting stories.

Count’s Kustoms
2714 S Highland Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Masters of Restoration (American Restoration)

The Masters of Restoration program (American Restoration), displayed by History Channel, is a reality show that is increasingly pleasing audiences in Brazil and around the world; The program shows the daily activities of Rick’s Restorations, a restoration store for old things, in which Rick Dale, his teenage son and his team restore these items and leave them as good as new.

The series has already featured special appearances by the cast of Pawn Stars, American Pickers, magician Lance Burton, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle and musician Sammy Hagar.

Rick’s Restorations
1112 S Commerce St
Las Vegas, NV 89102

CSI Las Vegas

The show CSI Las Vegas portrays the daily life of investigators who solve cases by analyzing the places where crimes have been committed, where all the unlikely clues are fundamental tools to get to the criminal. In this series, the investigators’ experience and intuition are powerful weapons in the fight against violence and dishonesty.

Although the program is not recorded in Las Vegas, but in studios located hundreds of kilometers away, the plot was created based on this bustling tourist town. The aerial images of the city are real, adding to the richness and veracity of the program.

For tourists who want to experience a bit of the various experiences shown on the show CSI Las Vegas, a good option is to visit CSI: The Experience, an attraction at the MGM Grand casino hotel.

No CSI: The Experience there are a total of 3 murders and 15 suspects for the guest-investigators to evaluate.

CSI: The Experience
MGM Grand – Studio Walk
3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

TANKED – The Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (In Brazil: Com água até o pescoço)

“WITH WATER UP TO YOUR NECK” is a program produced for Animal Planet and deals with building aquariums of different shapes and sizes. The program is actually a reality show that follows the making of gigantic aquariums and introduces the concept of “radical aquarism” by showing how the world’s most daring and expensive aquariums are made. “Each project is a spectacle and its execution involves both technical challenges and human relationships. This is evident in the episodes,” says Salomón Levy, Content Director of Animal Planet for Latin America.

Wayde King and Raymer Brett, the protagonists of the series, are also two unusual types – genial and stubborn, the two create situations that oscillate between tension and hilariousness. They are the owners of ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing), an aquarium construction company based in Las Vegas that carries out projects for celebrities, luxury hotels, companies and millionaire personalities – and the channel’s cameras follow every stage of the different projects.

The duo are business partners, but also brothers-in-law, friends and inveterate jokers who don’t always agree on the best way to carry out a job. For them, the construction of the aquariums is a family affair on which everyone has their say, including Heather, Wayde’s wife and Brett’s sister, and Heather’s father, “The General”.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
3451 West Martin Ave
Las Vegas, 89118


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