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Party Bus – Party on Wheels

Who doesn’t want to visit 2-3 nightclubs in Las Vegas? Anyone knows that when you’re in Las Vegas, it’s a party. So come along to this Party on Wheels, known here as the Party Bus.

Don’t waste your time standing in line. You want preferential treatment and an opportunity to attract the attention of the hottest partygoers in the group, all without any hassle.

Party Bus is a great way to socialize with friends or new friends from different countries or states. Types of celebrations include: birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding anniversaries, weekend trips, and divorce parties.

• Unlimited drinks on the bus
• Professional photo of the Welcome Las Vegas sign
• Transportation between Night Clubs included
• A visit to 2 or 3 Night Clubs with all tickets already paid for and without queuing
• Duration: Starts at 7:30pm and is expected to finish after 5 hours and you’ll be dropped off at the last Night Club to enjoy for as long as you like! (Does not include transportation back to your hotel).

Party Bus or “Party on Wheels” comes in handy. Forget long waits and enter without paying with a real VIP!

Your host will take you through the velvet ropes and to the front of the line at some of the most popular nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip. With several options, you can choose the best time for your schedule and party until you want!

NightClub on wheels – a luxury bus with drinks, pole dancing, music, video and a dance floor.

The schedule of the Night Clubs will depend on the date you choose, from Thursday to Sunday. Nightclubs include Drais, Hide, Light and others.

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