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Legalization of Marriages

How to legalize marriage in Las Vegas

Thinking of the convenience of its clients and in order to make this magical moment as uncomplicated as possible, Vegas Brazil has prepared a step-by-step summary for the legalization of marriage in Las Vegas.


Process and documents for getting married in Las Vegas

In Vegas, all the legal procedures for marriage are very simple. For legalization, the couple must apply in advance for a marriage license at the Las Vegas Registry Office, also called the “License Bureau”. With both spouses present at the License Bureau, the marriage license takes no more than 20 minutes to become available to the couple. The requirement is that both must be over 18 and in possession of their passports.

For couples who want to get married quickly, Vegas Brazil recommends filling out the marriage form in advance, so that everything is ready for the license to be issued. Through this link can be downloaded to fill in and submit the form required by the “License Bureau” online.

No proof of former marriage is required for widowers or divorcees. Simply enter the dates of death or divorce.

For those who are already married in Brazil, or any other country, is not granted a marriage license in Las Vegas, even if it is with the same person. For this we offer the option of Vow Renewal Ceremony. No documents are required for this type of ceremony and everything is just as exciting as a wedding.

To grant a marriage license in Las Vegas, the License Bureau charges the couple a fee of US$77 in cash, which is already included in the wedding package.

The couple can obtain a marriage license a few days before the ceremony, or they can choose to take a limousine from the chapel to the License Bureau on the day of the ceremony. Some chapels charge an additional fee for this service.

At the end of the ceremony, the signed documents are handed over to the Minister, who takes them to the registry office for ratification within 10 days. This makes the marriage legally valid in the USA. After approval, the couple can obtain their American marriage certificate by going directly to the License Bureau, or by requesting it online and having it delivered by post.

Legalization in Brazil

In order to legalize the marriage in Brazil, it is necessary to send the documents to the “municipal” and “state” agencies in Las Vegas for the appropriate registrations and legal procedures. 

Once again, with the convenience of its clients in mind, Vegas Brazil offers the service of a broker for legal procedures within American territory. This service includes all costs for fees, taxes,  authentications, displacements, postage at the post office, etc. Count on us for this service and to enjoy your stay in Vegas without any worries and then receive your documents at your residence in Brazil.

Upon receiving the documents in Brazil, the couple must have them transcribed into Portuguese by a sworn translator and then go to the registry office and civil registry in their jurisdiction to have the marriage ratified in Brazil.

In the USA, marriages by default are under the regime of partial communion of property. The bride’s surname does not change with marriage in the USA. In both cases, you must go in person to the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles to request the change, or legally through lawyers in Brazil.

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