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Nowadays the watchword is “save”. With this in mind, we’ve prepared an itinerary with great tips for you to save the most and enjoy your stay in Las Vegas without compromising your budget. Our aim is for your trip to be unforgettable, but for your return to Brazil to be smooth, with your finances in order.

With the tips we’ve prepared especially for your comfort, you can find the best services at the best prices and lots of discounts! We’ve also listed a few “tricks” that can make it much easier for you to make purchasing and spending decisions, which can often be unnecessary, and which in the final analysis can mean a loss for you!

If this is your first trip to Las Vegas, we’ll give you plenty of reasons to come back again. If you’ve been around here before, you know how important it is to know a few details about the city and have the support of someone who really understands the subject.

Although Las Vegas may seem small, there is a lot to do here and a lot to see, and getting around the city by cab can ultimately be more expensive than renting a car.

With our price comparator, it’s easy to get an idea of the costs at the best rental companies, with the convenience of booking in advance, which guarantees even cheaper prices so you can visit Las Vegas with the convenience of coming and going at any time, without spending too much on it, without worrying about waiting and saving on tips.

If you decide to rent a car, our tip is that you choose to fill up at the gas stations to the east or west. You’ll only drive a little further and you’ll get much lower prices than at the Vegas Strip, thus saving money to spend on more important items and on having fun.

Communication is everything today! No one can do without sharing their special moments, especially when it comes to such an incredible trip to Las Vegas; Thinking of your need to continue communicating with your family and friends, Vegas Brazil brings you another valuable tip: to purchase the SIM Card or Chip. or You can receive it before you even leave your home, in complete comfort, with no worries, and you’ll arrive in the United States with your own phone enabled, connected, with no need for GPS and the most interesting thing: without losing contact with the people you need most! All this with total economy and guaranteed communication quality.

Another interesting tip from Vegas Brazil is that you can also plan ahead to attend shows and other attractions in Las Vegas by purchasing tickets online much cheaper, being able to pick them up at the box office on the days of the events, thus saving on delivery fees. You don’t waste time looking for where to go when you get to Las Vegas, because you arrive with everything planned, you spend much less than if you were to buy at the event and you don’t run the risk of tickets sell out. All with the convenience of personalized service in Portuguese, special prices and easy payment!

Here you can see that Vegas Brazil maintains an exclusive and up-to-date agenda with the best shows and attractions in Las Vegas, carefully selected so that you can find everything that really matters and is worthwhile.

Las Vegas hotels are famous for their excellent quality and have much lower prices outside the city’s convention season. As the intention of any trip is to venture out and explore everything the city has to offer, staying inside the hotel is not a priority, so accommodation with basic items and moderate comfort can represent a great saving for you. Using the hotel comparator, you can find much lower prices and book online safely and easily. Most Las Vegas hotels offer some kind of free attraction; Find out when you make your reservation.

Our special tip is for you to ask the hotel reception for the Funbook when you arrive. With it you can get a series of discount coupons for drinks, food, attractions, etc. It’s a practical way of knowing where to go and getting even lower prices!

The gastronomy of Las Vegas offers a huge range of options, but many of them can weigh heavily on your pocket. Hotel restaurants, for example, are not the best if you really want to save money. Vegas Brazil’s tip for the most economical options are the restaurants on the street or in small hotels. You can find quality at very fair prices.

Another good and even more economical option are our old favorites fast foods. You can feel at home in McDonalds or Subway, for example.

One thing that not many people pay attention to, but which is extremely important, is travel insurance. Vegas Brazil knows that no one wants to worry while traveling, and the certainty that everything will go smoothly in unexpected cases can be easily guaranteed with good travel insurance. With it you can be covered for life insurance, medical and dental care, hospitalizations, legal assistance, reimbursement in the event of flight cancellations and even lost luggage.

It’s very cheap (around R$40, depending on the length of stay) and is valid not only in Las Vegas, but throughout the US! With this price comparator you can get the best quotes from the most reputable insurers and take out the ideal travel insurance for you, in a very practical way, in just a few clicks.

No one goes to Las Vegas with plans to shop, but taking a stroll through the more than 20 malls and outlets scattered around the city and leaving empty-handed is impossible! There are so many novelties and options that you certainly won’t be able to resist. But in order to make conscious use of your money, while sticking to the principle of always saving money, you should know that shopping malls are usually home to the most expensive, famous designer stores, while outlets have more popular stores with more affordable prices.

Most of them have discount coupons, which can reduce prices by up to 50%! Vegas Brazil’s tip for you is to simply print out a voucher to exchange in the malls themselves and outlets by books with several coupons of various discounts, for the favorite stores of Brazilians. Now that’s real savings.

Going to Las Vegas and not seeing Grand Canyon it’s almost a sin! And since by land the tour would take about 15 hours, our tip is to take the helicopter tour! That’s right! Flying over the Grand Canyon in complete safety and comfort is spectacular, to say the least! It’s a unique adventure that shouldn’t be left out of your travel plans. Imagine the photos you can take to remember later and share with those you love! The unique sensation of this experience is something that will surely never be forgotten.

With this in mind, Vegas Brazil brings you this price comparator where you can find out rates, times, make reservations and get more details about this indispensable and fantastic experience!

One issue that still causes many doubts among Brazilians traveling to Las Vegas is tipping. After all, to tip or not to tip? Well, unlike in Brazil, tips or service charges, as we know them in Brazil, are not included in the bill, so it’s a good idea to leave between 10% and 20% of the amount spent, but it’s not obligatory. Know that a large part of the income of waiters and other service providers is tips, so our tip is that you set aside part of your budget for this and always have cash in small bills.

Communication errors are very common, especially in the virtual world and in another language. This can lead to losses and unnecessary expenses, which is why one of the advantages of acquiring the services of Vegas Brazil is the personalized service, according to your needs, your budget and your desired itinerary, entirely in Portuguese, thus avoiding misunderstandings and setbacks.

So that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises and so that everything happens perfectly, count on Vegas Brazil for your reservations for shows and attractions in Las Vegas. If the event is canceled, instead of taking up to 15 days to get your money back, we can guarantee your refund within 24 hours. Vegas Brazil can also help you if you need to cancel or postpone your trip.

Airlines usually use the policy “no show”, which means you risk losing the entire amount paid. And since you can’t afford to lose money, when you use our services we can, provided you give us advance notice, request an analysis and exception, according to your case.

To facilitate communication with our clients in Brazil, we have set up a telephone number in Las Vegas, with a Brazilian number and answering in Portuguese! We also have a chat service and a toll-free number in the United States, in addition to Whatsapp, of course. Everything to speed up and promptly attend to any need or clarify any doubt. It’s not because you’re going to another country with a different language that you have to feel alone! Vegas Brazil is ready to welcome you as a friend in Las Vegas.

And the advantages don’t stop there! Vegas Brazil is based in Las Vegas, so in addition to knowing the city in detail, we know all the attractions and shows, where to eat, where to go, and can therefore offer tips on what is really worthwhile and even indicate the possibilities of the best seats for the events! So don’t get lost among so many options! Count on us to help you make the best choices.

Planning is the formula for success for an unforgettable trip. With the advice of Vegas Brazil, which is recognized as one of the most experienced and reputable companies in Las Vegas, you can make your dream trip come true safely, economically and with guaranteed fun! We think about every detail carefully and in addition to valuable tips, we offer differentiated and personalized service for each client.

For us, your trip to Las Vegas is something special that should represent pleasure and joy, so we are always looking for ways to make your days here perfect!

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