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Meet Vegas Brazil

Vegas Brazil in Las Vegas specializes in corporate events and group services in the vibrant city. With over 10 years of experience, we are passionate about meeting the specific needs of the Las Vegas market. We offer customized solutions for companies that want exceptional events, taking care of every detail. Our experienced team has local knowledge and strategic partnerships for exclusive access to high-quality services. We are committed to selecting venues, managing suppliers, logistics and creating personalized experiences. We value creativity and seek to exceed expectations by delivering tangible results. We are a reliable benchmark, offering top-level services for events of all kinds.

Our skills are wide-ranging and cover many areas necessary for the successful planning and execution of corporate events in Las Vegas. Here are some of our main skills:

  1. Event management: We have expertise in all stages of the event management process, from conception and planning to on-site coordination and execution. We ensure that every aspect of the event is carefully managed to meet our clients’ objectives and expectations.
  2. Logistics and coordination: We have advanced skills in logistics and coordination to ensure that all the details, such as transportation, accommodation, schedules and resources, are perfectly aligned. This includes managing suppliers, contracts and negotiations to ensure the success of the event.
  3. Creativity and personalization: We value creativity and personalization in our events. We have the ability to create unique and innovative concepts, adapted to the needs and identity of the client’s company. This includes the creation of exclusive experiences, themed decoration, selection of different entertainment and much more.
  4. Networking and partnerships: Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and partnerships in Las Vegas, allowing us to offer our clients privileged access to exclusive venues, reliable suppliers and renowned talent. This ability allows us to guarantee high-quality services and exceptional experiences.
  5. Customer service: We place a strong focus on customer service, seeking to understand the needs and expectations of each individual customer. Our highly qualified and dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service, establishing clear communication, being responsive to requests and providing support throughout the process.
  6. Budget management: We have solid skills in budget management, working with our clients to establish a financial plan that suits their needs. We seek to maximize the value and efficiency of available resources, guaranteeing a positive return on investment for our clients.

These are just some of our key skills. We are constantly improving and updating to offer the best services and solutions to our corporate clients in Las Vegas.

By using our specialized services for corporate events in Las Vegas, our clients will enjoy a number of significant benefits. Here are some of the key benefits we offer:

  1. Experience and expertise: With more than 10 years of experience in corporate events in Las Vegas, we are experts in the destination. Our team has the necessary knowledge to make the most of the city and offer our clients the best options available. This allows us to plan and execute events efficiently and effectively, avoiding setbacks and maximizing results.
  2. Complete and personalized solutions: We offer a comprehensive service, taking care of all aspects of the event, from planning to execution. We adapt our services to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the event is personalized and unique. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.
  3. Privileged access to venues and suppliers: Over the years, we have established solid relationships with exclusive venues, reliable suppliers and renowned talent in Las Vegas. This allows us to offer our clients privileged access to exclusive venues, high-quality suppliers and world-class entertainment. Our partnerships allow us to guarantee excellent services and unique experiences.
  4. Saving time and effort: Planning and executing a corporate event requires significant time, effort and resources. By opting for our services, our clients can count on our expertise and professional support, allowing them to save time and devote themselves to their other responsibilities. We take care of every detail of the event, from logistics to coordination, allowing clients to focus on other important aspects of the business.
  5. Quality and excellence: Our commitment to quality and excellence is evident in everything we do. Our services are characterized by attention to detail, creativity, professionalism and a constant search for customer satisfaction. We work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the event is flawless, resulting in an exceptional experience for all participants.
  6. Positive return on investment: By relying on our expertise and experience, clients have the opportunity to obtain a positive return on investment from their corporate events. Our services aim to maximize the value and efficiency of the resources available, ensuring that every penny spent is well used and that the event achieves its business objectives.

These are just some of the benefits our clients can expect when using our specialized services for corporate events in Las Vegas. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience, making your events memorable and successful.

Our mission is to offer the ultimate experience for corporate events in Las Vegas. We are committed to exceeding all expectations and creating truly memorable moments for our clients. Our promise is to provide a complete, personalized and high-quality service, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed, so that our clients can enjoy an exceptional and worry-free event.

By choosing our services, our clients can count on our passion, knowledge and experience to turn their visions into reality. Our mission also includes:

  1. Unique and personalized experiences: We go beyond the basics. We create exclusive and personalized events, taking into account the identity and objectives of each client. Every detail will be carefully planned to ensure an authentic and memorable experience.
  2. Exceptional customer service: We put our customers first. Our dedicated and experienced team is always ready to listen, understand and meet the needs of each client. We are committed to providing exceptional service, with clear communication, rapid response and support throughout the process.
  3. Professionalism and expertise: With over 10 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Las Vegas, we offer a high level of professionalism and expertise in all aspects of event planning and execution. Our qualified and dedicated team will take care of every detail, ensuring a flawless event.
  4. Privileged access: As Las Vegas specialists, we have privileged access to exclusive venues, reliable suppliers and renowned talent. We take advantage of our partnerships and connections to offer our clients the best options available, guaranteeing a unique and differentiated experience.

What you need to know about Vegas Brazil

Our company stands out for offering comprehensive, customized solutions to meet the unique needs of companies wishing to organize events in Las Vegas. We specialize in providing exceptional experiences, from planning to execution, taking care of every detail to ensure that each event is memorable and successful.

Our highly qualified team is made up of experienced professionals in the events industry and the Las Vegas market. We have in-depth local knowledge, as well as strategic partnerships with the best venues, suppliers and artists in the region. This allows us to offer exclusive access to unique opportunities and high-quality services.

Our commitment is to offer a complete service, from selecting the ideal venue, managing suppliers, planning logistics, organizing special activities, to creating personalized experiences that meet the specific objectives of each client.

In addition, we value creativity, innovation and attention to detail. We constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing creative and surprising solutions that impress participants and create a lasting positive impact.

Our company is recognized for the quality of our services, our dedication to excellence and our commitment to delivering tangible results to our clients. We pride ourselves on being a trusted reference in the Las Vegas corporate events industry, delivering memorable experiences and positive business results.

Whether it’s a large-scale event, a corporate meeting or an incentive trip, we’re ready to offer top-level services, customized solutions and unforgettable experiences that will make every event a real success.

Meet the Vegas Brazil directors

Eliana Rebisz


Born in São Paulo, Eliana is a dynamic and dedicated businesswoman who takes care of the administrative side of the company. Her experience with the public and her natural ability to make what was initially an idea a reality strengthened in her the leadership that was indispensable for the functioning and balance of the company’s activities. Her sweet voice and delicate speech seem to contrast with her firm hand and her ability to guide negotiations and maintain the company’s prosperity.

Sandra Stephens


Communicative, cheerful and always in good spirits, this ‘arretada’ Goiana is synonymous with adventure. His desire to explore the world has existed since childhood and has become even stronger over the more than 20 years he has lived in the USA. This makes Sandra the most qualified person for tourism in the region. It is she who attends to groups, agencies and VIP clients, ensuring the quality of the receptive services we offer.

Randy Rebisz


Knowing how to use words and win over partners is one of the skills of this Polish man who has joined our team to add value. Smiling and charismatic, he establishes contacts with partners and suppliers, making life easier for our clients.

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