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Receiving and storing luggage and parcels

One of the most striking characteristics of Brazilians in the United States is their interest in buying. The most desired products range from electronics to designer clothes, shoes and some technological novelties, but the list is much longer and unspecific. According to research, each Brazilian spends an average of around R$6,000 on a trip to the USA. The airlines also recognize Brazil’s potential and make exceptions to the baggage rules: while all travelers have the right to only one checked bag (up to 32kg), Brazilians have double the limit. Yes, only Brazilians and Chinese can check in 02 suitcases weighing up to 32kg without paying for it on international trips.

Tourists who come to Las Vegas already include in their itinerary a day of shopping at the Premium Outlet, which sells a wide variety of brands at prices well below those charged in Brazil for the same product. But those who want to save even more can shop online, avoiding the 8.1% tax and guaranteeing that they will buy the product they want. Those who want to buy electronics can even customize their device, as in the case of notebooks.

But how can you make this purchase online if you need a US address to deliver the product?

For those traveling to Las Vegas, Vegas Brazil offers the ideal opportunity. Simply go to the website of the store you want, make your purchase and have it delivered to our address. Simple as that!

We receive the goods and store them with the utmost care, giving tourists peace of mind that they will receive them before and during their trip to Las Vegas. Many hotels also have this service, but we offer better prices, service in Portuguese and the trust that everyone already has in our company.

Receiving suitcases:

If you come to Las Vegas and want to visit other cities, you don’t have to carry all your suitcases or pay extra hotel bills just to make sure your luggage is taken care of. Our company also offers the opportunity to receive luggage and store it until the owners return.

HOW IT WORKS: Vegas Brazil has created a luggage and package (box) pick-up service, making it easier for tourists to spend time and save money in Las Vegas.

Our office is located in a building where there are several other companies and they require all orders received to be in the name of the companies belonging there, so we can only receive orders that are nominal to the company. Vegas Brazil LLC / “Name of the owner of the goods”. It is extremely important that next to our company name is the name of the owner of the goods – or the name of the person who will receive them in Las Vegas.


We will only receive/deliver purchases upon tracking number, which is the identification number you receive as soon as you make your purchase. The tracking number is necessary for both parties to confirm the number of packets sent and received.


If the owner of the suitcase/bag/box wishes to receive the products directly at the hotel, we can deliver them. The price for delivery to the hotel is the same and does not depend on the number of suitcases or packages. Those who wish to pick up the products just need to make an appointment and come to our office, without paying any additional fees.


  1. We do not accept large boxes (such as TVs, fridges, etc.) or boxes weighing more than 15 kg.
  2. If the storage period exceeds 30 (thirty) days, a new fee will be charged for each excess month.
  3. If you would like to waive the hotel delivery fee and pick up your orders directly from us, you will need to contact us and arrange a visit, as we are not always in the office.
  4. The tracking number must be sent by e-mail so that the delivery can be monitored.
  5. We cannot be held responsible for loss or refused delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for the content of the goods and we warn you that the owners of the goods (who made the purchases) may be penalized by law for any irregularities.


To receive the address and our Terms & Conditions for this service, send us an e-mail or send us a message via Whatsapp.


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