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Lake of Dreams: a fascinating light and image show!

Located in the five-star Wynn hotel, one of the attractions that draws tourists from all over the world to the center is the show known in translation as the “lake of dreams”. The name couldn’t be better, because the show, which opened alongside the hotel in 2005, offers a real journey into the imagination.

Using state-of-the-art effects, the evening performance features 20,000 square meters of space (embraced by an extraordinary green space), containing a 40-foot waterfall, more than 5,000 LED lights, seven video projectors, around 100 external speakers and a team of 30 professionals, including electricians and mechanics, who work every day to ensure that the shows perform their maximum function, delighting the audience every half hour.

This show doesn’t mess around when it comes to differentiation. With Patrick Woodroffe Lighting as the graphic designer, the idea behind the project was to create a unique and unforgettable digital presentation.
And perhaps the goal has been successfully achieved, as one of the flagships during the 5-minute presentation is a giant head, 23 meters high and 27 meters in diameter, which emerges from the water to interact with the screens present and the music being played. This long-awaited part of the attraction, considered very psychedelic by some, enchants all audiences. In more than 30,000 performances since its debut, the applause shows the success of the stage prop made of steel and fiberglass.


As one of the casino’s main attractions, this entertainment option is not only free of charge, but can also be enjoyed in an even more pleasurable way, such as at dinner. Situated with a privileged view of the large three-hectare lake, there are two options for enjoying a meal as well as the show. They are:

Parasol Down – offers a more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for sipping a drink or seasonal wine. This lounge offers two casual bars in the hotel lobby with live music every night for the enjoyment of its visitors.

Lakeside – this restaurant with a direct view of the lake, which opened at the end of October 2010, is run by chef David Walzog. The specialties on the menu are lobsters roasted in a wood-fired oven as well as oysters and crabs, not forgetting the various other seafood options and also steaks and chops.

As part of your tour itinerary, see for yourself what digital modernity can offer you in terms of eye candy, get in on the fun and let yourself be carried away by the immersive soundtrack and innovative cyber effects that will make your night in Vegas even more electrifying and remarkable.


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Photo: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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