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Slotzilla: add adrenaline to your entertainment list!

Challenging your limits and fear of heights, this attraction promises to make your view of Vegas even better, as? Offering you the chance to fly through the streets of the city and enjoy every detail of the lights, parties and all the hustle and bustle of the place from more than 12 stories above the ground on 260 meters of horizontal path, welcome to Slotzilla at the Fremont Street Experience.

Before even entering the attraction, the nostalgic look fills anyone’s eyes. In case you hadn’t noticed, SlotZilla is a slot machine, and not just any slot machine, the grandiose wishing machine was considered the largest in the world, and cited in Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 attractions in Las Vegas.
Extremadamente vibrante, la presentación de la máquina muestra una copa de martini, un flamenco rosa, monedas de oro, rodillos de vídeo y una enorme palanca.
Two beautiful ballerinas are also part of the glamorous set design, and they are not there by chance. The 37-meter-tall showgirls were inspired by two real models, the women who dressed as dancers to accompany former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman in his many public appearances, named Jennifer and Porsha.


Understand the toy
Ok! Now let’s get down to business: the fun! Among the options, you can choose between two ways of flying. Let’s say that the most peaceful is the Tirolesa (zip line) ride, which is well-known and widely practiced in Brazil. No surprises, right?
The second option, and the most requested, is Zoomline. Playing with your imagination, you’ll experience a superhero moment! This is because the client is placed “lying down” with their chest forward on a support, thus allowing the entire journey to be made in this position, so if you’ve always wanted to fly (like in the movies) your time has come. Don’t hesitate and check out this fantastic feeling of pure freedom, after all you’re in Vegas, the place where anything can happen, and usually does!

To give you an idea of what to expect, watch a video showing a taste of the “Superman” experience. Click here!


Step by step

As soon as you go through check-in, you’ll walk up the stairs to the loading area on the second floor. You will then be securely strapped in and put your personal items in a bag that is easily connected to your seat belt, with no risk of them falling out.
You will then enter a cabin that will take you to the zip line platform. The launch, or rather the tour, will take place there! Staff will help you put on the last safety items, then it’s time to open the departure door and take to the air to enjoy the privileged view of Fremont Street.


-The minimum age to participate is 13 years old.
-The minimum weight is 27 kilos and the maximum weight is 136 kilos.
Every day from 12:00 noon to midnight / Fridays and Saturdays, extended hours until 2:00 am.

425 Fremont St.
Las Vegas , NV 89101

Vegas Brazil service:
Don’t hesitate to contact us!(contato@vegasbrazil.com)



Photo: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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