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Downtown Container Park: sustainable fun is here!

Located just a few blocks away from the famous Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, this mini neighborhood has plenty of fun for the whole family. But what sets this space apart is the design of its facilities, which are all made with a “green seal”. Using recyclable elements for each niche of the park, the spaces reserved for boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants are all housed in reused containers, thus forming a large metal center for the environment.

Covering some 19,000 square meters, 30 containers and 41 multifunctional modular steel cubes provide exclusive stores for tourists and locals. Some of the brands that have one of these “blocks” reserved are: Disney Fine Art, which sells rare pieces such as engravings and sculptures; another concept store in the area is LauraOlivia, which sells exclusive lines of jewelry; another interesting store is Lil’ Art Bodega, which focuses on modern handmade art, such as murals, T-shirts and accessories.
These are just some of the window displays you’ll be able to see in the more than 15 stores that the complex offers, including clothing, contemporary and classic art and different culinary items.


You may be wondering how to identify the front of this park, given that the city center has so many facades to choose from? The great thing about finding the address is the entrance. A 55-meter-high steel sculpture of a praying mantis built on top of a garbage truck can be seen right on the sidewalk, and if you pass by at night, you’ll still have the chance to see the giant insect spewing flames of fire from its antennae, yes it’s true!!! What’s more, this concept of a work of art was the brainchild of arithmeticians Kirk Jellum and Kristen Ulmer, whose “work philosophy” is self-expression, which they often put into their pieces.

Inside the venue, right in the center, a playground with an interactive area has been designed exclusively for children. A shipping container has been converted into a 30-meter-high tree house. This is one of the most attractive parts for children, and of course very attractive for parents, who can take advantage of their children’s leisure time to do their shopping, peace of mind! A must-see attraction for everyone!


-No one under the age of 21 is allowed in the park after 9 p.m.
– Pets are not allowed in the vicinity, except for special services.


Monday to Thursday
Friday to Saturday
11h- 20h.



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Photos: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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