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M&M’s World – The M&M’s store in Las Vegas!

Enter the store M&M’s World Las Vegas It’s like visiting an imaginary place full of chocolates, toys and colorful objects.

Located at the busiest point of the Strip, the avenue where the main casinos of Las Vegas are located, this store draws attention from the façade, where characters of this famous chocolate confection stand out for their vibrant colors, attracting thousands of visitors daily.

There are four floors of stores. On the second floor there is a variety of souvenirs, such as personalized key chains, fridge magnets, mugs and many souvenirs to choose from. There is also a kiosk where you can customize the object of your choice.

The second floor has a wall covered in M&M’s. This rainbow wall is not only beautiful, it’s also tempting, and it’s hard to pass by and resist filling the bag with one of the 22 colors on offer.

A few steps away you can find a variety of T-shirts and objects related to concerts, cinemas and famous artists. All this with M&M’s round characters, of course! There’s the Phantom of the Opera (“Candy of the Opera”), Elvis, Hollywood artists and much more. It’s worth taking a stroll through the aisles and checking out everything this store has to offer.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Located on the third floor, the first “My M&M’s” allows you to personalize the confectionery with your photo or message. You can write anything from your name to a special date or any other message that fits on two lines (eight characters per line). A few years ago this customization only took place online, but now you can watch the magic happen before your eyes. It’s fun, easy and only takes a few minutes!

Also see the 3D movie at the M&M’s cinema; Enjoy an exciting adventure with the confetti in the movie “I left my ‘M’ in Vegas” (I left my M in Vegas), where Red and Yellow try to recover the “M” lost in a game of roulette. The free movie lasts an average of 10 minutes and runs throughout the day;

On the fourth and top floor you can see a model of a NASCAR car sponsored by M&M’s and many other products in this theme.

As you go up or down the escalators, be sure to look at a timetable with the evolution of the M&M’s characters. These walls also show posters of famous films starring your favorite “M”. Check it out!

M&M’s World Las Vegas
3785 S. Las Vegas Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

Open daily from 09:00 to 00:00.


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