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Activities and snowshoeing just minutes from Las Vegas

Many tourists come to Las Vegas and limit themselves to seeing only the casinos, shows and attractions on the Strip, the city’s most famous avenue. It’s true that these are the best-known attractions in Vegas, but what few people know is that during the American winter tourists can also experience a snowy landscape and even go skiing or snowboarding at a resort located just an hour from the city.

When the cold arrives to freeze the mountains of northwest Las Vegas, many tourists gain an extra attraction in the region and venture into winter sports or simply to see the snow up close, a dream of many Brazilians. Between December and March visitors can show off their scarves, hats, gloves and coats on this different and enchanting tour.

Mount Charleston is the highest peak in southern Nevada, with an elevation of 3,615 meters. It is located northwest of Las Vegas, a total of 56 km away.

On the way, the roadssa through canyons and wooded hillsides to reach a cozy resorta hotel with a rustic atmosphere and a huge lobby with a fireplace, ideal for a different weekend. This road also gives access to a Lodgewhere there is a 24-hour bar, restaurant, horses and nice chalets for rent.

The Resort Hotel at Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas

Mt. Charleston Lodge, which serves as a 24-hour bar and restaurant.


Another road leading to the site passes through the Lee Canyon. There, Among the landscape of snow-covered trees near the old mill, there is a horse-drawn sleigh ride. These tours last about half an hour.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides in Lee Canyon

At the top of Lee Canyon has a ski resort, which not only offers courses for beginners, but also rents out clothes and equipment for those interested.

ATTENTION! Check the road conditions before you go, as there are times when the road is covered in snow and it is necessary to use tire chains. Also watch out for Black Ice, which is a thin layer of ice that often occurs on the road and causes cars to slide if they are not equipped.


For your peace of mind, comfort and safety, we offer tours to Mt. Charleston, conducted by experienced Brazilian guides with transfers to and from your hotel.

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