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Las Vegas wedding

Famous for its exuberant casinos, variety of shows, top gastronomy and exclusive attractions, Las Vegas is attracting more and more Brazilians to the city. As well as “Entertainment City”, Vegas is known as “Disneyland for grown-ups”. Everything here is fascinating!

In addition to its prominence in tourism, Las Vegas has a great reputation in the matchmaking industry. According to statistics, a wedding takes place every five minutes. According to statistics, a wedding takes place every five minutes. For this reason it is common to find many brides and chapels in various parts of the city. The fame of Las Vegas weddings began many years ago, at a time when prostitution was allowed but hotels only accepted couples who could prove a marriage bond. To make it easier to stay in hotels, small chapels sprang up to hold lightning ceremonies. In just a few minutes, the couple could prove their union and stay in the hotels without any problems.

Over the years, prostitution was banned in Las Vegas (a ban that is still in force) and the chapels lost their original focus. As the city attracted many visitors and among them were those interested in a royal wedding, the celebrations gained credibility, especially after the union of celebrities such as Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Pamela Anderson and many other famous people. Even Ana Maria Braga simulated a wedding in Las Vegas, citing that contrary to what many people think, getting married in Vegas is legal and has legal validity in the USA and Brazil.

By listing the advantages of a Las Vegas wedding, it’s easier to understand why many couples choose the city for their ceremony.

It’s fun –

Las Vegas weddings offer fun ceremonies, with music during the ceremony and even Elvis Presley walking the bride down the aisle! And of course, after exchanging rings, the bride and groom will be able to party in the night clubs, spend the evening celebrating, go for a super dinner, watch beautiful shows or even hit the jackpot playing in the casinos.

It’s cheap

The cost of a wedding in Las Vegas can vary, depending on the luxury desired. However, there are extremely cheap packages that include a 15-minute ceremony, the minister’s fee and a bottle of campagne. A simple, practical ceremony costs an average of US$395, including decorations, traditional wedding music, a minister of ceremony, a flower for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom, a wedding certificate, a limousine transfer and photos of the ceremony. You can add more items to the package, even hiring a cover of Elvis Presley to enter with the bride and sing during the ceremony.
You can also hire photographers for a book, make a short wedding video and even prepare cakes, snacks and a complete buffet for the celebration. The package will always depend on the client’s taste, but whatever you want, anything is possible in Vegas! There are even drive-thru weddings, which last no more than 5 minutes! Of course, this is the simplest package of all, but it just goes to show that you just have to want to get married in Vegas!

– It’s fast

Wedding Chapels are everywhere and operate 24 hours a day. There are even drive-thru chapels (like the one in the photo opposite) or companies that do delivery weddings, where a van goes to the couple and celebrates the union in just a few minutes.

– It’s practical

Hotels in Las Vegas usually have their own chapels, with a coordinator who takes care of all the preparations – flowers, music, photographer and souvenirs.

– It’s versatile

Vegas has ceremonies to suit all tastes and budgets. It’s possible to get married in the most varied locations, and there are even mobile weddings. Anything you can imagine is possible in Las Vegas. Get married on roller skates, on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, in a limousine, in an aquarium of fish and sharks, amidst the red rocks of Red Rock Canyon or even without leaving the hotel. The most different and unique weddings in the world can be held here.

– It’s convenient

Getting married in Sin City allows couples to start their honeymoon more quickly. After the wedding, there is no need for another trip. Las Vegas is already a great destination.

One thing is for sure, in Las Vegas you can definitely have a wedding that you, your partner and all your guests will remember forever!

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