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Tips for choosing a hotel in Las Vegas

There is no set theory as to which is the best hotel to stay in Las Vegas. On the Strip alone, the city’s main avenue, there are around 40 options, totaling more than 130,000 rooms available. This variety of hotels makes it possible to please tourists with the most different requirements, but choosing the ideal hotel can be somewhat difficult.

Las Vegas is one of the cheapest cities to visit. Yes, that’s exactly what you read; as well as having many free attractions, hotel rates are undoubtedly the cheapest in the country. Before deciding which hotel to stay in, consider the following factors:

1. location

Certainly the most important factor to consider when choosing a hotel is its location. Tourists want to stay on the Strip, so there’s no need to waste time looking for normal hotels around the city. Since you don’t need to rent a car to explore the Strip, which makes Vegas a cheap destination, it’s extremely important to choose your hotel according to its location, making it easier for you to get around and sightsee. To make it easier to understand, take a look at the image below. The blue strip represents Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip, and as you can see, you can visit the hotels on foot. That’s why those who want to ‘wander around’ should choose a more central hotel, making it easier to get back and forth through the area.

2. Comfort and quality

There are people who want to stay as well as possible, always aiming for 5-star hotels. There are those who are looking for a hotel, just a place with a comfortable bed, clean sheets and towels and a bathroom with warm water. They go after the price and manage to find many unmissable promotions. But between these two types of tourists, there are those who don’t want to stay in the most luxurious accommodation, but require the minimum of comfort. To help you find the best hotel based on these requirements, below is a ranking based on questions asked to various tourists who contacted us and freely answered a questionnaire about the city. Check it out:

5-star hotels

Among the 5-star hotels, we can classify them as:

5.A – Cosmopolitan, Aria and Mandarin Oriental

These hotels represent luxury amid modernity and touches of elegance, sophistication and refinement. If you want to avoid having to go through the casino area every time you enter and leave the hotel, the best option is the Cosmopolitan, which has the entrance to the rooms just beyond the lobby – and without contact with the gaming area. This option is ideal for traveling with children. Architects and designers always choose these hotels as inspiration for future work.

5.B – Encore, Bellagio and Palazzo

The Wynn/Encore publicity team has done a fantastic job marketing to the Brazilian public, so much so that most come to Vegas believing that this hotel is, without a doubt, the most luxurious. The Wynn and Encore are really luxurious, but in our surveys many people pointed out that the Wynn’s decor was a bit overdone, while the Encore had more modern and refined features. It’s worth noting here that the Wynn/Encore really does have an Asian trend in its decor, which is why many tourists have commented on it. The Bellagio still has a reputation for luxury, mainly because it has reigned over Las Vegas for so long. The fact is that, although the Bellagio is really luxurious and has a 5-star rating, the newer hotels have surpassed it in terms of quality of stay, according to comments from tourists who have already stayed at the Bellagio and one of the hotels mentioned in the previous item (Cosmopolitan, Aria and Mandarin). Although rated 5 stars, the Venetian loses out slightly to its newest tower, called The Palazzo. The Palazzo’s décor is also very contemporary and the hotel’s reviews as a whole are close to those of the Aria and Cosmopolitan.

5.C – Mandalay Bay/Four Seasons, Trump e Signature en MGM

The hotels are good, with new or recently renovated rooms and offer a good option for those looking for comfort at a slightly lower price than the 5-star hotels mentioned above.

4-star hotels

There are many 4-star hotels in Las Vegas and several of them are so good that they seem to have an extra star. Of course, it’s always worth remembering that the simpler the room you book, the less demanding the location should be. Among the options, we list:

4.A – The Signature at MGM e Vdara

These hotels are new, well-decorated and easy to mistake for 5-star. All the tourists who stayed in these hotels highlighted the service and the decoration of the rooms.

4.B – Caesars Palace

Listed as the second best option among 4-star hotels, Caesars Palace is a complete resort. It has casinos, nightclubs, renowned restaurants, shows, shopping and attractions. Built with the theme of the Roman Empire, the place conquers everyone with its imposing and luxurious architecture. Be careful when booking the simpler rooms, as many of them leave something to be desired.

Note: Prefer to stay in the new tower, Nobu. Not only is it new, but the atmosphere is more modern.

4.C – Monte Carlo, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Mirage, New York New York, Palms, Tropicana, Hilton, Elara e Treasure Island

The preference between these hotels is a sure point of discussion. They are all on the same level and choosing between them is a personal matter, a matter of recommendation or the price of the nightly rate. In any case, all these hotels meet the basic requirements for a 4-star rating, but to avoid frustration it’s best to consider them as 3-star. In this way, you can be positively surprised. Remember that the better the room you book, the more satisfied you will be with the place. That’s why the best rooms in these hotels are superior to the basic rooms in those mentioned above.

Note: The New York New York was the most cited of the 4-star hotels due to the restaurant options available.

3-star hotels

Before booking any of these hotels, it’s best to do some more careful research. In any case, the majority of tourists who responded to our survey divided the 3-star rating into:

3.A – Stratosphere, The Quad, Luxor, Flamingo, Ballys

If the price of a 4-star hotel is too much for your travel budget, choose one of these four hotels when booking. They are often preferred by those traveling in large groups, as the discount on rooms is very advantageous.

Note: Some people have claimed to have found rates of less than U$35 at the Stratosphere!

3.B – Excalibur, Harrah’s, Riviera, The Cromwell e Circus Circus

We didn’t rate these hotels very highly in our research, but they certainly offer unbeatable value for bookings. Knowing that it’s not good to get your hopes up about the rooms and the hotel, these places are recommended for those wishing to make a budget trip to Vegas, such as backpackers, student groups, etc. Note: The reviews for The Cromwell were based on the old Bill’s, which has been refurbished and currently operates under its new name. Due to the refurbishment, the rating of this hotel may improve.

3 – Extra fees and amenities

Most hotels charge a so-called Resort Fee, which often includes wi-fi and a gym. This fee can be charged per room or by the number of people, which can greatly alter the value of the reservation in the case of cheaper hotels.

4 – Best time to visit the city

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert. This means extremely high temperatures between June and September, especially in July and August. Winter in Vegas is cold, but not too harsh. Even so, the mountains surrounding the valley are usually covered in snow at the end of December and throughout January. It’s worth visiting the city at this time of year and including walks and activities in the snow. From Sunday to Thursday, daily rates can be up to 30% lower than on Fridays and Saturdays, but during the high seasons, which are: the 2nd week of January due to CES, the 2nd half of March, the 2nd half of June, December and public holidays, rates can be up to 150% higher.

Text: Luísa Marteleto

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