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Inaugurated in 1973 with a carnival theme, the hotel, which today belongs to the Caesars Entertainment group, offers fun from the beginning to the end of your stay, because its program includes comedy acts and musical shows with a lot of irreverence.

The adults’ playground has 8,051 square meters. Games include blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat. To make the most of it, a poker room with 12 tables surrounded by engravings of some of the most famous World Series of Poker champions makes the atmosphere even more inviting. Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud are some of the options on offer.

Those who enjoy the game of Keno won’t miss out on the attention either; a comfortable lounge ensures that your concentration is even more precise. You can also play the game in your room on TV channels 9 and 11. The stakes range from one to 10 dollars per game.


For racing fans, a cozy spot with a capacity of 45 people is reserved for this audience. With a full bar service, watching your favorite game will be even more enjoyable.
Of course, the beloved slot machines from one cent to 500 dollars are scattered throughout the lounge for the total enjoyment of its guests. It also has a wheel of fortune and a variety of video pokers.


With 2,500 rooms with cozy pastel décor and wooden furniture, the suites feature a view of one of Vegas’ greatest entertainment attractions, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the so-called High Roller.

With an alarm clock, TV with movie rental, hairdryer, iron and board, wireless internet and a choice of king size or two queen beds, your stay promises to be even more enjoyable.

If you’re planning your vacation with your pet in mind, the hotel offers pet-friendly rooms. The “PetStay” program guarantees total comfort for your dog too, as? Providing food and water bowls and a special bed for them. Please note that owners must fill in a liability form for any damage caused. The limit is two dogs per room, and each dog must weigh no more than 50 kilos.

Leisure and care

To enjoy some shade and fresh water, don’t miss the hotel swimming pool. Worry-free, you can count on the kitchen service for a quick meal or enjoy a drink in the shade. The open environment also offers cabins for rent with fruit, fridges, telephones, televisions and towels.

The hotel spa offers aromatherapy, Swedish massage, facials with European techniques, body scrubs and a full club service, including a steam room, whirlpools and a sauna. Fitness center can also be used by guests depending on the package.

If you want to take care of your aesthetic needs, a complete salon is also available to clients in the same place. With hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure services, the treatments range from cutting and coloring to recovering weak nails.



Rita Rudner shows all her versatility in the art of laughter, and shows live that her 12-year career and more than 2,000 performances have only made her even sharper. She has sold one and a half million tickets and has become the longest-running solo show in Las Vegas history. After her last stint at Harrahs, from 2006 to 2010, the veteran’s return is a source of great joy for the hotel and for her fans who have followed her around the United States over the years.

Inspired by the true story of a recording session that brought together famous icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, this musical promises to move you and literally take you back in time to the golden fifties. This famous historical event is translated with versatility on stage in the styles of rock ‘n’ roll, gospel, R&B and country. Songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Walk the Line, Ghost Riders, Great Balls of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues will keep you dancing for a minute.

Always featuring a unique presentation, due to its rotation of comedians, the show comes with topical and somewhat acid jokes. Celebrating 50 years of history, the group’s idea is to transform the hotel’s stage into a real laugh riot.

Highlights of the cast include actor Max Alexander, who has worked in sitcoms and films alongside important comedy names such as Jim Carry, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Siegle. Another star of the project is Annie Lederman, who shows her original, everyday humor as one of her characters portraying a waitress and former alcoholic in recovery. Please! The idea is not to identify yourself, okay?
Joking aside, another great actor is Jodi Borrello, who has a best-selling book entitled “Ela é tão engraçado” on her CV.

This magician, known for his captivating personality and original magic acts, has a knack of mesmerizing audiences. Can you imagine seeing a live fish appear over someone’s head? Yes, it’s possible!
This is an opportunity to get the family together for a fun evening, with clever tricks and creative magic that only this artist can show.

Enter a game where the main theme is the relationship between men and women. Dealing with subjects ranging from contemporary feminism to male sensitivity in the erogenous zone, this is entertainment that will put your understanding of these two universes to the test. Rob Becker wrote the text for the show over a period of three years, after studying psychology, sociology and prehistory. Today more than 40 talented actors perform this comedy of life itself.


As the hotel’s atmosphere puts it, the Las Vegas night can and should be transformed into a grand carnival street party. With live music of different styles, DJs, bartenders and table games, you can indulge in the excitement of the Strip with a crowd of passers-by who all come together with the same desire: to have a good time.

Offering a wide range of beverages, this space presents the public with everything from a refreshing Margarita to a good pint of beer, all in a relaxed and casual setting.

Located to the right of the casino exit, this hideaway offers live shows and Karaoke! This is a great opportunity to let your voice out and win over the public. Every night, the Rusty All-Star Karaoke event invites its patrons to sing a favorite song of their choice with the audience and lots of applause at the end of the performance. Maybe you have a hidden talent? This is a great opportunity to find out, don’t you think?


The pleasure of finding a bakery with a window displaying cakes, pies, muffins and fresh coffee is what this place is all about. Delicacies such as frozen yogurt, pizza and baked pies are also on the menu.
For the colder seasons, homemade soups and baked potatoes are on display, as well as salads assembled to taste and huge sandwiches that promise to satisfy the hungriest of eaters. And if you think it’s over, you haven’t seen anything! The place even offers sushi, plus ten suggestions of noodle dishes served with the sauce of your choice.

With a breathtaking view, located on the second floor of Harrah’s, this restaurant offers an elegant and airy atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal. The menu includes cuts of meat, exclusive appetizers and desserts. The specialties range from steaks to fresh seafood. For lovers of a good drink, the cocktails are applauded for their flavors, all handmade, like the mojitos and martinis.

The famous chef Kerry Simon has opened the doors of his restaurant, offering a select menu of burgers with the signature Simon flair. Simon, nicknamed the “Rock ‘n Roll Chef” by Rolling Stone magazine, shows creativity and flavor in his generous number of dishes.

Featuring freshly prepared seafood, the menu ranges from crab legs and ribs to mouth-watering desserts. Brazilian-style barbecue, wood-fired pizzas and roast chicken also complete the circuit of this festival of flavors.

Lobster, crab, mussel stew and squid are delicately presented at this address. Oysters are the delicacy of the house, and six different preparations can be made for them according to the customer’s taste.

This ice cream parlor allows you to customize your dessert from start to finish. As exclusive creations, all the products used are of organic origin and therefore have no preservatives or artificial colorings in their composition. The choice is so detailed that everything from the type of milk to the various toppings can be mixed, all to reach the pinnacle of pleasure that only a sweet can provide. Now you can enjoy yourself without going off your healthy diet – great news!

This brand’s famous artisan coffees guarantee espresso, Frappuccino, teas and other iced drinks. There are two Starbucks outlets in the hotel, one near reception and the other on the second floor.

It’s a mix of pub atmosphere and quality live country music. Don’t miss the fried bologna sandwich or the bacon barbecue burgers. If you like a challenge, the right order is the number called Big Daddy with 100 grams of hamburger, bread, cheese, toppings and a kilo of fries. Do you accept the challenge?

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Text: Alice Camargo

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