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MGM Grand


Imposing, in demand and unique. These words define the first impression you get of one of Las Vegas’ biggest and hottest hotels, the MGM Grand;

The symbol of the lion in its brand does justice to its leadership and preference among many tourists attracted from all over the world to the hotel since 1993. This is because the high level of service, from the cuisine to the great shows, surprises even the most demanding customers.

We can say that inside the four-star resort we have another Las Vegas, and this is not just due to its size – with 5,044 rooms and suites and 171,500 square meters of casino – the attractions are so many that to see them all you need at least another week in the city of sin. Doubt? By the end of this article, you might change your mind.


Starting our tour of attractions, one of the highlights of the hotel is undoubtedly the great names of American music, who every year circulate on the stages of the concert area entitled, MGM Grand Garden. The venue, which has 16,800 seats, frequently opens its doors to host renowned artists from the world of music, such as the classic band the Eagles and popular singers such as Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, and has also been a venue for important award ceremonies such as the Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards, an event that brings together the main voices and producers of the Latin music scene today.

And it doesn’t stop there, for boxing and UFC lovers (Ultimate Fighting Championship), fun is more than guaranteed as the arena lights up to host the most important fights in the segment. Names like Mayweather, Maidana and Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez have already stepped onto the hotel’s mat, while in the UFC, Demetrious Johnson, Cerrone and Vitor Belfort have brought the crowd to its feet in decisive fights.

Curiosity: Roberto Carlos, the King, not only gave an exclusive performance for his fans but also recorded a DVD at the venue. The concert was attended by 7,000 people. Of this number, around 1,500 Brazilian fans went to Vegas exclusively to see their idol up close.

Moving on to a more intimate setting, the hotel also has the Hollywood Theatre. With a capacity of just 740 people and a stage measuring 1,800 square meters, the idea here is to bring fan and artist even closer together, thus providing greater interaction with the audience. On its stage, shows with international repercussions, such as the well-known David Copperfield, Broadway’s leading illusionist, have had their season here. It’s one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians.

For those who prefer to have a good laugh with American jokes, Rodney Carrington’s show is the way to go. The multifaceted artist, who has recorded eight major albums in the comedy genre, selling more than 3 million copies in the United States, promises to get a laugh out of the shyest tourists.


We could never fail to mention the engaging circus act called KÁ, by Cirque Du Soleil, which also has a season at MGM. The story, based on an epic tale of twins who go on an adventure to fulfill their destinies, really enchants the audience. The acrobatics and art techniques are breathtaking.

Continuing in the “circus atmosphere”, another show on the hotel’s calendar that is particularly popular with singles and modern couples is the Madhouse Beacher attraction. Totally inspired by the days of vaudeville (the predominant genre in the United States and Canada between 1880 and 1930), the ballad invites you into a modern-day burlesque world. How? Mixing a lot of creativity, with sexy dancers, dwarfs dressed as celebrities and lots of pop music on the dance floor; Are you curious? You just have to be there to satisfy your curiosity.

Leaving the screen

Who hasn’t had the overwhelming desire to live out a TV crime thriller series? Even the most fearful would risk making a guess in a criminal case, don’t you think? One of the most successful attractions at MGM is the “CSI: The Experience“. The interactive exhibition takes you right into a police case, the scene of a crime is shown to the visitor, who now becomes an investigator and must help uncover the real motive behind the crime. With multi-sensory experiences and interaction with the characters from the series through videos, visitors have the chance to hear the characters’ opinions on the case, all in 50 minutes of pure adrenaline. Not to be missed, to say the least!

Play the sound!

World-renowned DJs are part of the line-up of artists who never fail to liven up Las Vegas nights. At MGM there are places for electronic music fans, one of which is the nightclub, Hakkasan, which features renowned DJs Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Steve Aoki. It’s worth remembering that it won the title of number 1 “Nightclub in the World” by Playboy magazine .

But calm down! It’s not over yet. Another nightclub you can find inside the hotel for warmer days is the Wet Republic Ultra Pool. As the name suggests, the party is literally in the water, with two saltwater pools, five individual pools and a spa. The idea is to cool off completely in the 54,500 square meters of the aquatic complex. In addition to great music, the services available are impressive, including a full-service bar, private and exclusive bungalows, luxurious sofas and VIP service. Bingo Players, Nervo, Martin Garrix, Dada Life and Fergie have all performed there.

Mouth watering

And last but by no means least, let’s talk about one of man’s greatest pleasures, food. And yes, the famous lion’s resort doesn’t fall behind in this regard, with a wide range of cuisine on offer in its 16 restaurants, from contemporary to more exotic dishes.

Among the ones we’ve listed, Joël Robuchon stands out for its French food. The difference is the three Michelin stars, five Forbes stars and five AAA diamonds. With such a constellation, you can see why the restaurant is so popular with food lovers.

For those who can’t do without traditional oriental Japanese food, Shibuya is the best place in the hotel. Fresh sushi and a variety of sake (a fermented rice drink) make this one of the best Japanese places on the Strip.

And if you’re in the mood for a more “caliente” tasting, we suggest the Mexican restaurant, “Hecho en Vegas”, which is known for its lively atmosphere and interesting beer, tequila and margarita labels, as well as sauces prepared in-house.


Address of MGM Grand Hotel & Casino:
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


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Photos: archive/internet
Text: Alice Camargo

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