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Mouth of Brazil

Text: Michella Aken

Visit Boca do Brasil and to taste the delicious homemade food, with simple (and essential) seasoning, is to return to the origins and feel momentarily in Brazil.

Such is the atmosphere of Mouth of Brazil: cozy, relaxed and familiar.

Open since April 2011, the owners and staff of this restaurant have been strive to serve their customers in a personal way, making every customer feel good.

Ângela Maehata, the mainstay of the kitchen at Boca do Brasil, is originally from São Paulo and is of Italian descent, which explains the wide variety of the menu. She, juntogether with her husband (Adriano Maehata) and daughter (Flávia de Santi), they take care of every detail, from customer service to delivery and catering, ensuring that all dishes are freshly prepared to a high standard of quality. They have already been recognized by the Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Las Vegas with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2011.

The menu is made up of basic Brazilian dishes such as Horse steak or the Picanha, that sThey are served with rice, beans, eggs, salad and fries. Another highlight of the menu is the Steak Parmigiana, which can be made with either chicken or beef, both served in marinara sauce with mozzarella and accompanied by rice, fries and salad.


The Boca do Brasil also has delicious pizzas, made the São Paulo way, whose most requested flavors are “Portuguesa” and “Frango com Catupiry”. Other noteworthy items that have become favorites not only among Brazilians but also Americans are the “Beirut” and “X-Tudo” sandwiches, popular on the streets of São Paulo and which in Las Vegas have become one of the restaurant’s great differentiating factors.

The restaurant also offers many snacks, such as Coxinha, Pastel (in various flavors) and Bolinho de Bacalhau, which can be served with the famous Brazilian soft drink Guaraná Antarctica®.

Saturday is the day for the famous feijoada, which is served with vinaigrette, farofa, cabbage, pururuca and rice. This feijoada is also available to order for events.

Açaí is also on the menu and is served in a bowl, very Brazilian style, accompanied by granola and banana, which helps to kill the nostalgia for our land.

Among the dessert options, customers can enjoy quindins, brigadeiros, pastéis doces (pastries filled with guava and cheese, dulce de leche with coconut or nutella) or condensed milk pudding, all accompanied by traditional Brazilian coffee Three Hearts®, coming directly from Brazil.

The authenticity of Boca do Brasil attracts not only the locals, who frequent the restaurant almost daily, but also young people, Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes, UFC fighters and people from nearby towns, who come to enjoy the restaurant.ew to visit the restaurant because of its many reviews.recommendations from friends .

All the options on the menu are available to order for events, parties and personal or business meetings. The restaurant also offers home delivery service by calling (702) 655-9999.

Different forms of promotions can be found on the Boca do Brasil on Facebook. (Click here!)


Mouth of Brazil

4825 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite H, Las Vegas, NV 89147
Phone: (702)655-9999


Opening hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday – from 11am to 10pm
  • Sunday – from 12pm to 9pm


Text: Michella Aken

Note: Vegas Brazil was invited to visit and eat at the restaurant before writing this article.

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