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Brian Head: fun in the snow near Las Vegas!

One of the main destinations for tourists coming to Vegas during the cold season, the Brian Head Resort in Utah offers a wide range of activities just three hours away from the Strip. Among the main options for fun on the ice, the most popular activities are: skiing, skating, sleigh rides and snowkiting.

The largest ski resort in Utah, opened more than fifty years ago, the place covers more than 650 hectares with two connected mountains, Giant Steps and Navajo. In total, there are 71 slopes (with different levels of intensity) and 8 ski lifts to get from one end to the other, making it easier for skiers to get around.
Even though it can be visited in the summer, with special programs for the hot days with trails and bike routes, it is the winter season (from the end of November to the beginning of April) when there is the greatest demand for the address. And it’s no wonder that the demand is so high. The beautiful snow-covered landscape is an eye-catcher, especially for Brazilians, who don’t have this kind of contact in Brazil.


Making it easier
All tourists who go to Brian Head can simply pay the hourly rate on the slopes to have as much fun as they like on their descents down the mountain. But if you’re keen, but have never ventured into skiing or haven’t practiced for a while, that’s no longer a problem! Differentiated lesson packages can be of great help to those who want to perform at their best on the ice. From children’s classes to adult lessons (at any level) and even private lessons, the aim is for all visitors to enjoy a pleasant time in the snow, practicing some basic techniques not only in skiing but also in other disciplines such as snowkiting and snowboarding.


Another good option that provides guaranteed fun is Tubing. The great thing about this game is that anyone can take part, and no previous experience is required.
To explain it clearly, it’s like riding a sled, only with a kind of “float”, with more action and speed. And the best thing is that you don’t have to walk all the way back down the hill with the weight of the sled still on you – perfect, right? This is undoubtedly the perfect group activity for the whole family.
Note: As the attraction is in high demand, it is advisable to book in advance to guarantee your place at the best time for you.




Pleasant dining options await you at this all-inclusive ski resort. Don’t worry about the food stops, you’ll find something to suit you. Check it out:

Located on the third floor of the Giant Steps Lodge, this space offers a varied menu from pasta to meat, as well as a full bar. Recommended for enjoying a family lunch with a privileged view of the slopes.
It is also the center of Brian Head’s nightlife. In the evening you can enjoy a fun karaoke session! What’s more, every Friday night you can enjoy live music for three hours.


Located on the 2nd floor of the Giant Steps Lodge. Here you can enjoy a casual dinner with traditional American food. Ideal for relaxing for a few minutes and replenishing your energy to resume your activities.

Located on the main floor of the Navajo Lodge, the place is perfect for a family lunch with a diverse menu for all ages.

Located on the main floor of the Navajo Lodge, this is the place to go for freshly baked coffee, cakes and snacks to get your day off to an even better start.



Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 10am-4pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 09h30 – 16h30
Night skiing is offered in three runs every Friday and Saturday: 4pm – 9pm.


329 South Hwy 143 Brian
Head, UT 84719


Vegas Brazil service:
Don’t hesitate to contact us!(contato@vegasbrazil.com)


Photo: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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