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Sapphire: mix seduction, beauty and temptation in one place!

If you have the idea that Vegas is synonymous with beautiful bodies and hot nights regardless of the season, you’re right in the first place, and you’ll probably enjoy getting to know the strip club, Sapphire. This is one of the most popular places for American tourists and celebrities who seek discretion to enjoy unique moments around beautiful men and women who show off their curves without any prejudice.

In fact, this is one of the tips for first-timers to the city: when you choose to spend a night in an environment like this, one of the main rules is to leave your modesty outside the front door, and allow yourself to live new experiences that explore your limits and taboos about sensuality and body exhibitionism.


The house
Boasting 70,000 square meters of space, the place, open 24 hours a day, is considered the largest strip club in the world. With two indoor swimming pools in the decor, it offers intimate lighting everywhere, and the main hall features erotic elements for its customers to enjoy, with a festival of half-naked bodies invading the room from all sides. From tables and VIP booths to private lap dances and a karaoke room, you’re sure to have an exciting time in true Las Vegas style. If you want to feel like you’re in one of those movies depicting the libertine nightlife of Vegas, this is a good choice for memorable moments in the city of sin.
If you want to enjoy not only the view but also good bars, Sapphire has plenty of pleasant options. Starting with the Martini Bar, which features a large martini glass as a central decorative ornament, Pete’s Bar offers a privileged view of the center of the house and the Off Broadway Show Room and Skybox Bar bring a more intimate atmosphere for those who like a more private space.


For everyone
Regardless of whether you’re here with your partner, on your honeymoon, with friends or on your own, what really counts is the proposal and how far you choose to push the limits of adult entertainment. For more modern couples, this experience can be very pleasurable, as the satisfaction of both will be more than guaranteed. With an eye on both sexes (men and women), the house offers special attractions for each group. With striptease sessions with both men and women, this could be the chance to leave no one “in the lurch” when it comes to enjoying this type of program. Check out the main attractions on offer at the club:


For them
Every Friday and Saturday (from 9.30 p.m. to 1 a.m.) an exciting performance awaits the female audience. Moving away from just choreographed shows on stage, the boys from the club impress with their diversity of entertainment options for the public.
After the main opening act, each dancer takes their turn on stage, representing some of the popular costumes most requested by women.
In addition, customers are encouraged to expose the birthday girls of the night to a special dance on stage or a private dance (if you prefer) with the boys. Unlike other performances available in the city, here there is the option for attendees to stand around the stage to see every turn of the evening’s dancers up close. Remember those classic movie scenes where men in brothels put money in strippers’ panties? Consider that you’ll experience the same sensation, only this time you’ll be playing the “role” of the man, okay?


For them

Well, for the male wing, the rest of the days are entirely dedicated to their delight, with the right to private shows and other services. The space is in high demand among those looking for a real bachelor party, with sexy women in private settings. Demand is so great that there are special packages for this audience. Check out the main ones:

LINEUP – offers a bottle of famous brand Vodka with energizers, at a VIP table. There’s also a free shuttle service from the nightclub to your hotel and a special t-shirt for the groom.

GOOD TIMES – offers a premium bottle (to choose from) with mixers and energy drinks. Transportation is also free from the house to the hotel. VIP table on the main floor and a t-shirt for the groom.

ROCKSTAR – This offers three premium bottles (to choose from) with mixers and energy drinks, plus a champagne toast. Once again, there is free transportation from the door to the hotel of your choice, but the difference is a private room for three hours with an exclusive playlist. A t-shirt for the groom is also included in the package.

-All “extra” services, such as private dances, are charged separately.
-Only people aged 21 and over are allowed in.
-Any kind of recording of the house’s performances is forbidden.
For prices and timetables, please contact us: reservas@vegasbrazil.com

Text: Alice Camargo

Photo: Disclosure/Internet

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