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Shania Twain and her most famous songs

This Canadian singer has revolutionized the female country scene, she is a producer, writer, composer and owner of a beauty that has enchanted since the nineties. Since December 2012, the international star has been showing all her versatility on stage at the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas. The show, called SHANIA – Still The One, promises not to disappoint the fans who have followed her since the beginning of her career, with her main hits being part of a repertoire hand-picked by the artist herself.

And it wasn’t easy to choose which songs to include in the show, after all there are 75 million albums sold worldwide, as well as the title of best-selling ‘female country artist’ of all time, in album sales the brunette won the multi-platinum award in 32 countries. With all these honors, you can see that the show is worth seeing, can’t you?

And speaking of which, the 90-minute performance exceeds any fan’s expectations. With digital scenographic effects and impeccable stage items, it’s hard not to get excited about the singer on stage.
On stage, the quality of the performance is enhanced by the live band made up of exceptional violinists, four impeccable dancers, three backing singers, including Shania’s sister Carrie Ann Brown and Ryan Dan, who sings a typical Canadian musical, written and produced by the duet.
In a second proposal, more influenced by the rock/pop climate, the stage literally heats up, turning into an (artificial) bonfire with a “woody” background on huge screens. At this point, it’s time for the audience to join in by taking to the stage, so people are called up at random and invited to sit around the fire and sing acoustic songs along with the singer, one of the most eagerly awaited moments for fans.
From calmer to more agitated nuances, each frame stands out above all for the ease with which Shania fills the stage without leaving any present out of this great party.
One of the most applauded scenes is when she opens her voice with her two famous hit ballads, in the visual effect she enters the stage on a beautiful white horse and sings “You’re Still the One” and “From This Moment On”. Completing the angelic atmosphere, the screens begin to project flower petals and then a shower of snow begins to fall in the background, and at the end of the second song, fluttering white curtains descend as she sings “From This Moment On”. Beautiful, isn’t it? Just by reading it, you can imagine how exciting this part is, don’t you think?


We couldn’t help but comment on this part: the singer’s main choices show off her good shape these days, and at 49 she has curves to make any young lady envious. And, of course, that great body would not go unnoticed in well-chosen outfits.
To begin with, one of her outfits gives off a “cat woman” vibe, being a black jumpsuit worked with transparency, all embroidered and made with small stones and sequins, the design of the outfit resembles the “stripes” of a feline animal. To top it all off, a knee-high platform boot completes the “femme fatale” look – a real looker!
Another, more romantic option, is when Shania appears in one of her latest pictures in a luxurious long white dress, lighter underneath, without too many “markings” or layers. The highlight of this outfit is the silver, openwork details that flank the diva’s dress, accentuating her “guitar” waist even more. Great choices! Congratulations to the diva!


The great thing about all this mega-production is the connection that is maintained at all times between ‘artist and audience’. Whether in the most acoustic moments of the show or the most electrifying, the connection is maintained. And that’s the idea, to get everyone involved in each act of the show as close to the singer as possible. Whatever your favorite song, from “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” to “Come On Over”, you’re sure to come away loving and respecting this world-renowned artist even more.


Teatro: The Colosseum / Caesars Palace
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas,
NV 89109, United States


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Photo: Disclosure/Internet

Text: Alice Camargo

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