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Adventure on tractors and excavators


Who wouldn’t want to experience the thrill of being a child again?

This attraction allows adults and young people over the age of 14 to take part in an adventure with tractors, excavators and lots of excitement, allowing them to really play with what was once a childhood dream.

It’s the perfect ride for those who would like to experience the thrill of driving big machines, working as an atypical challenge that provides an adrenaline-filled experience.

For this attraction, visitors can choose between the models on offer: Caterpillar D-5 bulldozers or 315CL hydraulic excavators. For those who opt for the tractor, the challenge is to dig trenches, walk over piles of sand and push giant boulders. With eexcavator visitors can push boulders and have the chance to lift heavy tires (over 900 kg each) and stack them like a pyramid. In addition to these activities, with the digger you can take basketballs and try to put them in cones.

Regardless of which model you choose, both missions are challenging and fun. There are 5 hectares of sand to get dirty and have fun!

Before the adventure begins, there is a brief presentation on safety and how the machines work. Afterwards, visitors receive a helmet, vest and radio. Once you’re in control of the machine, there’s no reason to be intimidated by all the buttons and gears. Even the most fearful driver will feel confident with the help of an experienced instructor guiding them step-by-step via radio.

When the work is completed, the visitor will receive a personalized certificate of completion of the task. And if you’d like to take home some souvenirs, there are hats, tractors and toy excavators for sale.

During the hot summer months there is a climate machine providing air conditioning.


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