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Mandalay Bay

the Mandalay Bay is a billion-dollar complex with 43 floors and almost 5,000 rooms; It opened in 1999 and since then has remained one of the best casinos in the region.

As the main attraction, this casino offers a huge saltwater aquarium called Shark Reef. With a height of 8 meters and more than 2,600 liters of seawater, this aquarium contains several exotic species. Water flows continuously through a simulacrum of the forest. There is a transparent corridor inside this aquarium where you can see the species of plants and fish. It’s a beautiful setting, perfect for enjoying hours with the family. For children, the Shark Reef has a station that displays the world of submarines in a dynamic and entertaining way.

In addition to the aquarium, the casino has invested in water activities, creating a lagoon, an artificial river and a wave pool, reproducing a real beach. This pool has its own wave-making machine. The sensation is so real that surfing championships are even held there. The waves occur at short intervals and vary in height between 02 and 04 meters. In all, there are 11 acres of typical oasis scenery, consisting of sand, a heated pool, a pool for small children, a European-style pool (Moorea) and river and waterfall style pools, combining beauty, leisure and relaxation.

The hotel has a museum with a rare collection of coins and banknotes worth more than 40 million dollars. It also has a lot of authentic Old West memorabilia.

With more than 15 restaurants, the gastronomic options cater for all tastes. There are flavors from all over the world and the restaurants have the most respected chefs, as well as modern architecture and decoration, creating an atmosphere capable of sharpening the senses and stimulating the palate.

This casino resort is also a good place for shopping and relaxation, with many stores and excellent spas. It also has a 12,000-seat sports arena and much more.

It is excellent for events and conventions, with the 5th largest convention center in the United States. The hotel has spaces and resources to cater for small meetings or huge events, making them a success! Until 2012 Mandalay Bay will host the Grammy Latino, an event that takes place every year at the beginning of November.

As extra attractions, Mandalay Bay offers the Disney musical The Lion King until December 30, 2011 and in December will offer the show Michael Jackson – The Immortal.

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